Dangerous General to Lead Russian Forces in Ukraine War

The new choice of Russian President Vladimir Putin to appoint a brutal general for the war in Ukraine has raised the eyebrows of human rights watchdogs.

Russian forces, under the watch of the newly appointed general, committed humanitarian crimes in Syria, the replay of which is expected in Ukraine in the upcoming days.

Russian Butcher to Lead Ukraine War

Gen. Alexander Dvornikov is the new choice of the Russian president to restart the stalled war in Ukraine.

He is famous as a “blood and soil nationalist” who was trained under the Soviet military and is considered an “old school” general.

Dvornikov started his career in 1982; due to his distinguished style of warfare, he became popularized to fight hardcore wars.

Putin appointed him as the chief of Russian forces in Syria in 2015 to help stabilize the situation, which was turning in favor of the US-led alliance.

After his appointment, Russia established an airbase near the northeast coast of the country, which was eventually used to bomb whole towns across the Syrian province of Idlib.

One of the primary reasons for the downfall of the Syrian city Aleppo was the rising airstrikes of Russia; the general ordered indiscriminate bombings of schools, hospitals, bread queues, and many other civilian facilities.

He introduced anti-aircraft batteries in the war, which empowered Russian planes to get a disproportionate advantage during the crisis.

Putin announced he invaded Syria to eliminate terrorists trying to oust the government. However, many of his strikes did not target terrorists, creating a lot of questions about Russia’s involvement in the war.

Ukraine Could See Horror Soon

As Russia’s merciless bid continued in the war under the nose of Dvornikov, the pro-Russia government gained a significant advantage.

Likewise, as the Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad had a hold of the media, Russia managed to get its inhumane campaign away from local media eyes.

“Vladimir Putin” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Global Panorama

Putin thought Dvornikov did an exceptional job in Syria, which prompted him to give the hero of Russia award to the general.

Now, the very same person will lead Russian aggression in Ukraine, as the country is recalibrating its strategy in the war.

The consequences of his inauguration have already been evident, as he is the alleged mastermind behind the recent Russian attack on a railway station in Ukraine. 52 people died in the attack.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has not considered respecting human lives even once.

With the merciless bombardment of civilian facilities, Russia managed to kill hundreds of people in the country, and the arrival of the controversial general will only make the matter worse.

Press secretary Jen Psaki already raised alarm bells about the incoming danger.

Psaki noted the White House is aware of the change in leadership in the top military brass of Russia, which indicates the scenes in Syria could be repeated in Ukraine, as well.