“Damning” Evidence Shows COVID-19 Engineered in Lab

"Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2" (CC BY 2.0) by NIAID

On Sunday, two experts said there is “damning” evidence that strongly suggests coronavirus is man-made in a lab; this evidence furthermore shows COVID was genetically engineered for maximum infectivity before leaking outside and causing the catastrophic pandemic. 

In an opinion piece, Dr. Steven Quay and Richard Muller for the Wall Street Journal, noted two key pieces of evidence to substantiate claims that the virus originated in a lab. 

Dr. Quay is the founder of Atossa Therapeutics. On the other hand, Muller is a former top scientist at the National Laboratory of Lawrence Berkeley. 

According to them, the first evidence correlates with the natures of the gain-of-function research. This research entails microbiologists tweaking the genome of the virus in order to change its properties. This process makes the virus more fatal and easier to transmit.

Quay and Muller also mentioned that of the 36 possible genome pairings that can create two arginine amino acids (resulting in higher lethality of the virus), gain-of-function research generally uses CGG-CGG, also called double CGG sequence. 

Moreover, Quay and Muller added that double CGG sequence was never seen to occur naturally amongst the whole group of coronaviruses, including CoV-2.

Quay and Muller: The “double CGG sequence” found in COVID-19 never occurred naturally

Quay said that because the CGG-CGG sequence is readily available and scientists have a good experience of using it, it is usually the sequence of choice.

They also added that an added benefit of the double CGG sequence compared to all the other 35 choices is its creation of a useful track that allows scientists to trace the insertion in the laboratory.

“NMCSD Microbiology Laboratory” (public domain) by Navy Medicine

The pair also emphasized that this sequence has never been found to occur naturally among other groups of coronaviruses; this includes CoV-2, particularly the one that produces COVID-19. 

The duo also called out proponents of zoo tonic origin to explain why the coronavirus contains the double CGG sequence whenever it mutates or recombines. They then posed the question, asking why the virus replicates the choice of sequence that gain-of-function researchers would use. 

Quay and Muller said with all the random possibilities that coronavirus could take, it took the rare and unnatural sequence used by human researchers. This suggests that the top theory for the origin of the virus should be that it escaped from a lab. 

Fauci was warned that the virus may have been “engineered” as early as January 2020

Recently, emails collected from the leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, showed that as early as January 2020, he received a warning that the virus may have been “engineered.”

Fauci also admitted in a Senate hearing last month that he could not be certain the Wuhan Institute of Virology, didn’t receive a $600,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to support gain-of-function research. 

The main purpose of the grant is to determine whether coronaviruses from bats could be transmitted to humans, a theory that commonly suggests the origin of coronavirus.