Critics to AOC: She’s Judging Legislation by the Skin Color of Its Supporters

On Wednesday, Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earned some criticism after posting a tweet showing pictures of the bipartisan senators who support the massive infrastructure bill. 

Ocasio-Cortez shared a tweet on Wednesday showing images of the senators that stand behind the expensive infrastructure bill being pushed by Biden and the White House.

Although both parties praised the momentum of the infrastructure bill, and Biden called the day “historic,” progressives are voicing their concerns against it. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized the lack of diversity of the bipartisan senators who support the infrastructure package

After Ocasio-Cortez posted the images of the senators, The Hill noted how there is a lack of diversity in the bipartisan senators who backed up the bill. 

In her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez posted a still frame of the report from MSNBC, showing the senators who supports the bills. She wrote in the post that in most cases, bipartisan agreements are only defined as people in power who consent to exclude, rather than include, others. 

The tweet posted by AOC earned some praise from her supporters who stated that these “white politicians” do not know the real issues that minority communities face.

However, critics countered by saying that the infrastructure bill should be assessed based on the merits and not based on who its supporters are 

A senior writer from the RealClearInvestigations, Mark Hemingway, posted a tweet saying that the post made by AOC is not an argument. Instead, it is an ad hominem that speaks nothing about the merits of the bills. 

Hemingway added that in circumstances of a healthy culture, AOC should receive backlash due to her statements judging a bill based solely on the color of the skin of those lawmakers who support it.

The New York Democrat representative did not immediately respond to questions about the issues thrown at her after she posted the tweet. 

The massive infrastructure bill is under deliberation; however, it is not yet clear whether Republicans will join in the final passage

AOC, just like other Democrat lawmakers, has been critical of legislation deliberated in Congress; however, she does not go far enough to address the real merits behind it.

Earlier this month, Republicans stated that they will support the expensive infrastructure bill if the Democratic lawmakers will not pass a spending package that has provisions about liberal priorities, jobs, and climate change.

On Wednesday, the Senate started working on the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill; they are acting with sudden speed before the recess schedule on August 9.

After both Republican and Democrat lawmakers agreed on some of the major provisions in the package, there’s a 67-32 vote showing that the Senate can start a formal consideration. However, it is still not clear whether Republicans will join Democrats in the final passage of the bill.