COVID Rate in Masked California is Double That of Florida’s

Despite California’s stringent mask and vaccine mandates to stop the spread of the virus, the rate of COVID cases in California is double that of Florida’s. 

California cases rising to “red” level transmission, while Florida is only at “orange”

According to a report by Mercury News, the COVID cases in California are increasing to the red “high” level transmission, as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outlet reported most of the transmission stems from the delta variant.

However, southern states, such as Florida and Texas (where state leaders did not enforce strict COVID mandates or mask policies) are only at an orange “substantial” level of transmission. 

When professor of health and metrics sciences Ali H. Mokdad was asked why California is not “reaping” rewards for their adherence to the health protocols, the professor answered California is paying for their success, which according to him is “weird.”

Mokdad added California succeeded in controlling COVID-19; now, they are having higher infection rates. On top of the stringent COVID mandates, the vaccination rate in California is also higher than Florida and Texas.

However, this also did not stop the spread of the virus.  It can be noted last year, California Governor Gavin Newsom (and other political leaders in the state) imposed some of the most strict COVID measures. 

Then, in the Bay Area, health officials brought back indoor mask mandates. They have no plans to lift the measures until the COVID rate in the area drops below the “substantial” transmission rate. 

Doctor’s Hospital in Florida announced they have no COVID patients under their care

Meanwhile, Florida hit another benchmark last week, announcing for the first time since the COVID outbreak, Doctor’s Hospital (the first hospital in the state to accept COVID patients) has no coronavirus patients in its care. 

On Monday, Christina Pushaw, press secretary of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, told Fox News the announcement of Doctor’s Hospital is great news.

She added for two weeks and counting, Florida had the lowest recorded rate of coronavirus cases in the whole country, with no vaccine passports, lockdowns, or mask mandates. 

Pushaw added that overall, COVID hospitalizations have also been decreasing for over 70 days straight. Likewise, Florida remains at an all-time low when it comes to the number of coronavirus patients hospitalized. 

DeSantis’ press secretary also noted the Republican governor is proud of the success with launching monoclonal antibody treatments throughout Florida. These treatments also had a great impact in saving lives and lowering the number of COVID hospitalizations. 

Pushaw added this early treatment (including getting monoclonal antibodies after experiencing COVID symptoms, following testing positive) reduces the risk of hospitalization in up to 70% of cases or more. 

California should take notes from Florida.