Court Tossed Away Democrats’ Congressional Maps

Democrats were caught red-handed, doing gerrymandering in New York as a mid-level appeals court called their unfairly drawn maps illegal.

These maps were supposed to put Democrats in a strong position in 22 out of 26 congressional districts.

Court Voids Democrats Gerrymandered Maps

Most often, Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression and gerrymandering for political gains.

However, in the process of redistricting, Democrats are leading the effort to manipulate congressional maps that would give them an undue advantage in elections.

A bench of five judges presided over the case and ruled with a 3-2 majority that Democrats tried to “discourage competition” to ensure they were favoring the candidates of their choice by orchestrating maps.

Thus, according to judges, Democrats approved the maps unilaterally without taking Republicans’ input.

No Republican lawmaker even voted in favor of the maps that are now being voided by the court.

The lawsuit was being filed by a group of Republican voters who asked the court to terminate the gerrymandered map.

Similarly, voters believed the court should delay the June congressional primaries until August so new maps could be created in this timeframe.

During the hearing, Democratic lawyers established their newly drawn maps are supposed to protect the voting rights of minorities and would reflect recent changes in population that altered the demography of the region.

This argument reflected Democrats’ will to use people of color for their political gains by including them in the districts of their choice. 

Similarly, Democrats also emphasized the court to throw the lawsuit away, as they claimed the state does not have enough time to revise these maps.

Democrats Cried Foul Against Court Ruling 

John Faso, the former Republican congressman who was also an adviser to petitioners, stated he was happy with the verdict.

Now, Democrats want to delay the matter further as they announced to challenge the decision in the highest court of the state, the New York Court of Appeals.

The spokesperson of the Democratic Senate leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, said she already knew this case would end up going to the Court of Appeals.

As the state is running out of time, the Court of Appeals is likely to start hearing as soon as next week.

This is not the first time Democrats have been caught doing gerrymandering. Just last month, a Maryland judge tossed the congressional maps of the state, calling them “extremely gerrymandered.”

That attempt of the Democrat Party already delayed the primary elections of Maryland. The final decision of the court is likely to impact the reputation of the Democrat Party statewide.

They believed their maps would give them an edge in the upcoming elections, especially at a time when Florida managed to get away with its maps, which are supposed to favor the Republican Party.