Court Started Deliberations of the TV Star’s Child Pornography Case

Both the defense lawyer and the prosecutor rested their case in Josh Duggar’s child pornography scandal, as the court started deliberating on Wednesday.

The 33-year old Duggar is a famous former TV personality and political activist who was charged with the possession of kiddy pornographic material.

Forensic experts censured for spinning the facts in front of the court

Michael Bush, the computer forensic expert, noted the device on which the child pornography was found could have been remotely accessed. However, Bush was also pushed into troubled waters soon when her claims of ten years of forensic expertise were busted by the prosecutor.

William Clayman, the top prosecutor, noted Bush did not graduate until 2015, so her experience included practicing during her college time.

Upon further inquiry, Bush noted she served courts at various instances as a forensic expert. Responding to this, the prosecutor asked her how many times she acted in a federal case, to which she replied she had to check her resume for that.

However, some follow-up questions from the prosecutor forced Bush to admit this might be her first case in such a capacity.

If he is charged guilty for possessing child pornography, Duggar can face up to 20 years of imprisonment.

Justin Gelfand, the leading defense attorney of Duggar, proclaimed his client’s computer at his workplace was accessed by someone else who put the objectionable material onto the device.

Likewise, he noted no such material was found on Duggar’s mobile or laptop. The defense team is currently relying only on two witnesses who were presented to the court once the prosecutor rested his case.

A family friend weakened Josh Duggar’s case

As the case moved into the second week, a family friend of Duggar, Bobye Holt, made a shocking revelation. He admitted to molesting multiple young girls during a 2003 conversation.

Holt’s daughter was the girlfriend of Duggar back in 2002 when they were only 14 years old, so she was in regular contact with Duggar. Likewise, she claimed Duggar said in the presence of both of his parents he touched the “private areas” of underage girls when he was 15 years old.

Holt went on, saying Duggard told her he used to let a female minor sit in his lap, a testimony that weakened Duggar’s case significantly. However, Holt testified she did not know about Duggar’s involvement in the 2019 child pornography possession case.

The former host of “19 Kids and Counting” attended a porn rehabilitation program back in 2015 and is now living a well-off life with his family. Once he made headlines in 2015 for allegedly molesting minors, the show was canceled by the TV channel.

The US Marshals Service arrested Duggard earlier this year after government records surfaced, showing he had possession of child pornographic material. Currently, he is being charged on two different counts of child pornography in an Arkansas court.