Consumers Take a Stand Against Target’s “Pride” Children’s Clothing Line

Even though Bud Light’s downfall made it very clear that the average consumer doesn’t want the LGBTQ agenda shoved down their throat, Target didn’t seem to get the memo.

After launching their Pride-oriented clothing line aimed at children, the company’s stock dropped by a margin, hitting a value of $137.39. This is the lowest it’d been since August 2020, the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Target’s stock comes plummeting after their attempt to sell “PRIDE” merch

This is quite the feat for one of the biggest retail store chains in the US. While it did rebound after hitting such a historic low, the effects will be felt years down the line.

It remains unclear which executive thought a clothing line for children should have any connection to the LGBTQ+ or gender identity movement’s agenda, especially after the failed Dylan Mulvaney campaign.

The downward trend of the stock remained ever since the drop originally happened. It will continue as more people catch on to what’s going on at Target.

$9 billion was lost in the past week alone. The company’s CEO, Brian Cornell, will have to gather his best PR team in order to satiate this disastrous marketing campaign and the fallout it resulted in.

Bud Light Situation 2.0

In the days after their stock plummeted, Target supposedly held a number of emergency calls and meetings with their managers and senior directors, demanding store displays of Pride merch be scaled down.

However, if you head to your local Target, you may notice no such thing has happened and the merchandise is still there and just as visible as it was before.

At the end of the day, it’s all about money. Companies like Target and Anheuser-Busch will gladly go as far left as possible if they think it could be profitable.

In doing so, they neglect the average American who wants to stay away from all of the nonsense Democrats have been propagating for years. It’s exactly why these marketing campaigns tend to fail.

The fact that a retail chain like Target was willing to sell children’s clothing with Pride symbolism and messages on it is what led to so many conservatives finding an alternative to the one-stop-shop store.

If Target is looking to avoid a Bud Light situation, their only course of action is to abort sales of the merchandise immediately.

While it’s not a store chain used exclusively by conservative folk, they’re common enough for their decision not to shop at Target to be impactful.

This wave of LGBTQ+ agenda being forced into elementary and middle schools has to stop. We need to prevent our children from being exposed to any kind of left-wing politics at such a young age.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.