Conservatives Killed Woke Education Agenda After Heated Conversation

Parents and school board members, in a school board meeting in Texas, engaged in heated arguments over critical race theory (CRT) and the teaching of gender identity. 

After the short speeches of more than 200 stakeholders, board members of the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District ended up voting against the implementation of the woke curriculum.

Texas School Board Neutralizes Woke Agenda

On Monday night, the Texas school board voted to limit the powers of woke teachers who seek to radicalize children.

New education policies of the Grapevine-Colleyville school district will provide more oversight of the study material in libraries while limiting the teaching of gender identity and banning CRT.

Likewise, students will only be allowed to use the bathrooms as per their biological gender under the new policy.

In addition to that, discussions regarding the 1619 Project were banned after the vote.

1619 Project supporters think 1619 should be considered the year of America’s independence since the first African slave was brought to the United States back in that year.

However, parents and stakeholders who opposed the new policies suggested they had a minimal amount of time to discuss any idea. 

According to one board member, Becky St. John, parents and students were only given 60 seconds to voice their concerns regarding the new policies; so they were unable to participate in the discussion.

Furthermore, Methodist minister Andrew Fiser, who is a resident of the school board district, claimed everyone should oppose these new set of policies; they are inspired by white nationalism and fascism, which is against Christianity.

Meanwhile, the CEO of True Texas Project, Julie McCarthy, applauded the school board’s decision to cancel CRT.

The End of CRT in Texas

CRT has become one of the most controversial subjects in modern-day education.

Far-left school board members are trying hard to impose their political ideology on children nationwide. Whereas red states have posed significant resistance to this woke ideology, thus saving children from the radicalized curriculum.

Over the last two years, parents have complained regarding the teaching of CRT in Texas classrooms, claiming these types of teachings create division among children.

They also stop schools from teaching the curriculum which is actually needed for the education of children. Republican politicians also responded to these demands of parents by enacting anti-CRT legislation that aims to protect children.

In April this year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the stop W.O.K.E legislation, which banned the teaching of CRT in classrooms.

Similarly, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation to ban the teaching of the 1619 Project in June this year, which triggered massive backlash from progressive politicians.

For instance, far-left Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez compared the removal of CRT with Nazi Germany’s actions to ban some specific books.

Speaking on MSNBC, Gutierrez stated DeSantis and Abbott are inspired by Nazi Germany, which tried to ban a specific narrative by manipulating the curriculum.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.