Conservative Websites Labeled as “Dangerous” by Google

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Issue and Insights used to be an incredibly popular and reliable source of information for conservative readers, with the majority of the site’s editorial staff coming from Investors Business Daily.

At least, that is until Google decided to flag them for spreading dangerous information.

It’s not just I&I, though. Google is also targeting one of its key contributors, famous cartoonist Michael Ramirez, the man who’s created hundreds of perceptive and witty comics for the right-leaning crowd.

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Google takes bigoted stance against conservative news, websites

The tech giant explains its reasoning behind the decision to flag I&I and Ramirez as dangerous. They say it is related to the gruesome imagery, acts of violence, and obscene language present in their work, none of which is particularly true.

I&I’s board of editors appealed the decision, but the appeal was denied immediately with no explanation. Without knowing what would constitute a “fix,” according to Google’s standards, the staff is practically dead in the water for the time being.

They also added while Ramirez’s work can be provocative at times, all of it is still art. Imposing censorship upon it is ignorance at its finest, regardless of whether Ramirez had liberal or conservative opinions.

Another thing the editors pointed out is one of the articles Google highlighted was a poll conducted with TIPP Insights.

It was looking for answers on what the majority of registered voters think about Biden’s cognitive capabilities, with the piece labeled as “derogatory and dangerous.”

Google silences the truth

With this logic, the only way to fix this without removing the article outright would be to change the results of the poll. This goes against everything I&I stand for, unlike left-leaning media, which is more than happy to skew the information to their liking.

Another labeled article was I&I’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision that the EPA was overstepping its constitutional boundaries, prompting even more confusion. It was nothing more than a to-the-word coverage of the story.

It’s clear Google is purposely targeting articles on the site related to politics, COVID-19, and the environment. This is almost everything the newsletter writes about these days, leaving many wondering whether Biden’s got some sort of pull on Google’s administration.

None of this is new though. Google has been suppressing the truth for years, which isn’t to say this is acceptable behavior. Practically anyone could be next, so long as their political opinions don’t align with those of the Google staff.

Big Tech and Biden are both hungry for power; the only way to maintain it seems to be by suppressing the voices of those who don’t view the world through a rose-colored lens.

This is exactly why conservative content is continuously DMCA’d or pushed to the side by the left’s army of fact-checkers. This is a group of individuals who are a bit too trigger-happy when it comes to labeling information as “dangerous.”

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.