Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter Says Trump is ‘Over’

Ann Coulter is a conservative commentator who’s always been known for speaking her mind and being very blunt.

She’s said some things that really offended people and others that really inspired people. At her worst, she’s stoked hate; at her best, she’s helped bring Americans together.

For a time, Coulter was Donald Trump’s biggest supporter, but then she turned against him, seeing him as more or less fake.

Now, Coulter is coming out even harder against 45, saying he’s completely “done” and is a deadweight on the Republican Party.

Coulter’s Conclusion

According to Coulter, the election of Governor Glenn Youngkin in Virginia last year proves that Trump’s time is “over.”

As she notes, Youngkin is what got many conservatives reinspired about politics and political action; it had zero to do with Trump. While not attacking Trump, Youngkin also expressed no support or interest in him.

This is the way forward for the GOP, according to Coulter, former author of a book called (ridiculously) “In Trump We Trust.”

In her latest podcast, Coulter says Youngkin shows the new path forward of being able to be Republican without being tied to any Trump endorsement or controversy.

According to her, Trump is just a controversy machine who cares about his own ego and will end up making things worse for conservatives.

Has She Seen the Polls?

Coulter claims conservative outlets are just “lying” to people about Trump being so popular and in reality, he’s more of a sideshow. Has she seen the polls?

Trump is hugely ahead even of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s the only one who comes close. Establishment Republicans are wandering underground they’re so unpopular.

Making the argument that Trump is unserious because of Virginia makes zero sense. Youngkin had direct support from the Trump team, including Steve Bannon.

He relied on the exact ideas of the America First agenda, including standing up to the “Radical Left” as Trump calls it.

The idea that he shows the direction to a non-Trump future is fantasy on Coulter’s part and she knows it. Either that or she’s truly lost touch with the political pulse in America.

Trump is Over?

Trump has yet to make his official announcement for 2024. The idea he’s over is simply incorrect, however.

While the Biden regime does its best to take him out, and controversy now swirls over Trump’s continued promotion of the COVID “vaccines,” there’s still zero doubt he commands huge audiences and sucks up media oxygen like almost nobody else in the history of the entire world.

Trump is far from over. His capacity to cause disruption and changes in the electoral map is massive, even if the left does manage to successfully prosecute him one of these days.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.