Congressman Proposes AR-15 as America’s National Gun

Recently, Republican Congressman Barry Moore of Alabama introduced a bill proposing an AR-15 as the “National Gun of America.” The announcement was made during a visit to a gun shop in Troy, Alabama and has since sparked controversy.

Timing of announcement during National Gun Violence Survivors Week draws criticism

The AR-15 is a popular firearm in the United States, known for its ease of use and customizability. However, it has also been the subject of controversy due to its use in several mass shootings.

The timing of Moore’s announcement, which coincided with National Gun Violence Survivors Week, has drawn criticism for its insensitivity to victims of gun violence.

Moore defended his stance on the Second Amendment, stating any government that seeks to remove one right would likely abolish them all.

In his statement, he emphasized the right to bear arms is as fundamental as other constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press.

He argued these rights must be protected and that any attack on one constitutional right must be met with resistance.

The bill has yet to be presented to the House and the full text of the legislation has not been released.

However, a summary of the bill indicates that it would designate an AR-15-style rifle that uses a .223 Remington round or a 5.56x45mm NATO round as the official firearm of the United States.

Congressman thanked for protecting America’s Second Amendment Rights

The proposal comes on the heels of another controversial move by Georgia Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde.

Earlier this month, Clyde distributed lapel pins shaped like assault rifles to his congressional colleagues. The purpose of the gift was to garner attention and draw support for the Second Amendment.

The combination of these two moves has raised concerns about the glorification of firearms and insensitivity to victims of gun violence. Critics argue such actions contribute to a culture that normalizes violence and perpetuates the problem of gun violence in the United States.

In response to the controversy, the owner of the gun shop where Moore made his announcement, Sonny Parker, expressed gratitude to the congressman for his stance on the Second Amendment.

He also thanked Moore for “going to bat for Americans’ Second Amendment rights” and “battling against those who seek to take those rights away.”

The debate over gun rights and gun control has been a divisive issue in the United States for years. While many argue for stricter regulations to prevent gun violence, others believe that gun ownership is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment.

The introduction of the bill proposing the AR-15 as the National Gun of America is sure to reignite this debate, and its fate remains to be seen.