Commie Democrat Elizabeth Warrant ‘May Have Penis,’ Ted Cruz Quips

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren might “have a penis,” considering the nature of today’s Democrat Party, according to Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

‘How Do You Know in Today’s Democrat Party?’

Elizabeth Warren, in her second, six-year term in the Senate, is one of the most radical far-left legislators in the US. She is known for her anti-capitalist, woke positions and for falsely claiming a Native American heritage.

Speaking at an event over the weekend, Cruz mocked both Warren and the entire woke Democrat Party by suggesting it is conceivable for Warren to “have a penis.”

Cruz was addressing a gathering of about 1,500 supporters in Gardnerville, Nevada during the 7th annual Basque Fry when he launched a scathing attack on wokeness.

The Texas senator told the pro-Republican crowd that America needs “courage responding to crazy town,” a reference to the transgender claims that a person could be anything different from his or her biological sex.

To start it off, Cruz used a recent story told by Warren herself to reporters in which a man approached her and quipped he would have voted for her if she “had a penis.”

The Texas Republican first blasted the progressive senator for telling an inappropriate or possibly made-up story publicly.

However, he then went on to suggest Warren may as well have a penis, considering the state of “today’s Democrat Party.”

Cruz was met up with laughter and cheering by the Republican audience, The Daily Mail reported.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Lia Thomas ‘is a Dude’

Later in his comments, Cruz attacked even more directly the modern-day Marxist-Communist ideology of transgenderism. He took on Lia Thomas, the male swimmer claiming to be female and raking up gold medals in women’s competitions.

Cruz, who is more or less in the top five of the potential contenders for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Republican Party, said that Lia Thomas “is a dude.”

“He looks like Michael Phelps,” the leading conservative added.

Cruz’s monologue at the Basque Fry in Nevada earned him praise by pro-Republican voters on social media, including because he was very “accessible” with security allowing the crowd to come all over near him.

The goal of the 2022 edition of the event was to support the campaign of Republican Adam Laxalt for the US Senate in Nevada. Senator Cruz also last spoke at the same event back in 2015.

In his words, Laxalt has the best opportunity with the Republican Party to pick up a US Senate seat in the November elections from Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

Cruz praised Adam Laxalt, a descendant of Basque immigrants and former attorney general of the state of Nevada, for managing to unify the state Republican Party behind himself early on.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.