CNN Panel on Biden’s Poor Messaging: People Feel “Jerked Around”

On Sunday, CNN lambasted the Biden administration for announcing booster shots, ahead of the FDA’s confirmation. The liberal media also noted that the public is getting disappointed by the carelessness at the White House in announcing inconsistent and unclear information.

Biden announced a vaccine rollout and the FDA is caught off guard

The president previously announced that COVID vaccine booster shots would be available by September 20. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seemed to be taken off guard by the deadline; they told the White House that more time was needed to review important data before setting a deadline.

The FDA decided to approve COVID booster shots for those who had the Pfizer vaccine. For those who got Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots, they still have to wait if booster shots will likewise be given.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the conflict about the deadline, two senior Biden officials at the FDA resigned. Dr. Marc Siegel said the whole situation was a “mess” for the Biden administration during his recent interview with America’s Newsroom.

On the other hand, Kaitlin Collins noted that the delay in the review and approval of the booster shot could be minimal. However, the issue is raising series of concerns about the influence of the White House on scientific-related decisions.

Joshua Jamerson of the Wall Street Journal noted that American voters he has talked to were frustrated about the changing goalposts of the White House. He noted that there are Americans who feel like they are being “jerked around.”

Molly Ball, the national political correspondent of TIME’s magazine, noted that although everyone understands that the Biden administration is dealing with new COVID variants, how they handle the messaging of the new challenges they face is not helping the situation.

Biden’s inability to precisely and consistently communicate is disappointing the public

Ball added that at the same time, the administration has an apparent inability to communicate consistently and transparently with the public. She noted that they were excited to see the outcome, however, the excitement was somehow “jerked away.”

She, however, emphasized that it is not the “fault” of the administration. Yet, people do not know what they were supposed to do next, nor there is a clear nationwide standard set by the administration.

Ball added that the Biden administration is struggling to handle the changing landscape of coronavirus; meanwhile, the administration is jumbling to deal with the unexpected string of events that did not happen in confidence.

On the other hand, a poll number showed how a growing number of people are likewise getting unsatisfied with Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On top of this, the approval numbers of Biden are also declining after the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan; this withdrawal resulted in the Taliban taking over the country, the tragic death of over a hundred Afghans, and the deaths of 13 U.S. military members.

Biden was likewise criticized for the behaviour he showed when he met the Gold Star families. The families of the fallen service members accused the president of repeatedly looking at his watch during the solemn and dignified ceremony.