CNN, Kari Lake Butt Heads Over the Integrity of US Elections

In Arizona, GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appears well on her way to winning her election. Lake has marketed herself as a candidate with commonsense policies that will put Arizonans first, return prosperity to the state, and undo the harms that have come about due to failed policies.

Running against Lake is Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs. Hobbs’ campaign continues to be haunted by her refusal to debate Lake.

Time and time again, the Arizona Democrat alleges that Lake is so radical and dangerous; yet, even with Democrats warning that Hobbs is making a mistake by refusing to debate, she still won’t budge.

Lake, on the other hand, has repeatedly expressed her willingness to debate Hobbs in any setting, venue, or forum. Recently, the Arizona Republican sat down with CNN in order to discuss her campaign to become the state’s next governor, per Breitbart News.

Reviewing Lake’s Time on CNN

While the Arizona Republican spoke with CNN, she talked about her policies as a gubernatorial candidate, the outcomes of various elections, and the challenges facing her state today.

However, things really got interesting when Lake was questioned regarding her comments about the 2020 presidential election. CNN host Dana Bash asked Lake if she was unnecessarily sowing fear about US elections by questioning the outcome of 2020.

This is when Lake pointed out the history that various Democrats have of questioning elections that didn’t have the outcomes they preferred. When former President Trump won in 2016, numerous Democrats refused to accept it as a legitimate victory.

In 2018, when Stacey Abrams failed to win the race to become Georgia’s governor, she didn’t accept the outcome. In fact, Abrams blamed voter suppression.

CNN Challenges Hobbs

For years, CNN’s been known as a network that coddles Democrats while refusing to give Republicans a fair shake.

Though after speaking with Lake, CNN’s Dana Bash also sat down with Katie Hobbs. During the Arizona Democrat’s sit-down with CNN, she was challenged over her refusal to debate Lake.

Bash first pointed out that even some Democrats are now warning that Hobbs is making a mistake by not debating Lake.

This is when Bash asked if Hobbs believes she has a responsibility to show up on a debate stage and call out Lake, if she’s truly as dangerous as Hobbs claims.

Of course, Hobbs sidestepped and pivoted away from the question. Though it was remarkable to see the Arizona Democrat actually challenged and pressed by a platform like CNN.

What do you make of Kari Lake’s sitdown with CNN? Do you believe she’s going to be the next governor of Arizona? Let us know in the comment area what you think about Lake’s claims regarding the most recent White House election.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.