CNN Has Parted Ways With a Key Worker

CNN is going through many changes as of late. Over the past several months, CNN’s fired now-ex staffers Chris Cuomo and John Griffin.

Cuomo was fired for his role in using his connections to help his older brother fight off sexual impropriety allegations. Griffin, meanwhile, got hit with legal issues after his role in the sexual abuse of women and underage girls.

Since this time, a new CNN CEO has come on board with promises to rebrand CNN as a fact-based, non-partisan news station, rather than a left-wing opinion channel.

However, CNN isn’t quite done with changes yet. According to Washington Examiner, the company is now parting ways with Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst who’s worked for the network.

What to Know About Toobin’s Departure

On Friday, Toobin informed the CNN audience this was the final time they’d see him on air with the network. Toobin’s exit from the news network comes after two decades of his work on air.

In follow-up remarks, the legal analyst explained that he’s enjoyed working with his fellow CNN colleagues. Although this doesn’t mean Toobin’s completely disappearing from the public eye.

Next year, Americans can look forward to the release of Toobin’s new book that will cover the bombing which took place in Oklahoma City.

Throughout his work with CNN, Toobin made a name for himself by covering various legal issues and debates happening across America. Some of the latest examples of his coverage were the Roe v. Wade overturn and various attempts to impeach former President Trump.

Various Speculations About Toobin’s Exit

While Toobin claims his decision to step away from CNN was of his own accord, some social media users have questioned it.

Certain people believe Toobin may have been pressured by CNN to step down and simply make it look good for the public. Then, others are speculating that CNN is ultimately cleaning house as new leadership works to rebrand the company’s image.

Of course, there’s the factor of ratings. CNN hasn’t been doing so well in the ratings department lately. This could very well impact the network’s ability to keep the same amount of staffers on the beat.

Ultimately, time will tell whether or not more information comes out about the legal analyst leaving CNN after 20 years of working for the network. It also remains to be seen whether or not CNN makes any additional changes in its work to regain public trust.

What do you think about CNN’s top legal analyst leaving after 20 years of working for the network? Do you believe there’s more to this departure than Toobin and CNN are letting on?

You’re more than welcome to share your predictions, thoughts, and feedback below in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.