Clintons Sound the Alarm About Democracy in New Interview

With the midterm elections coming up, things are not looking good for the Democrat Party.

Democrats have control of the federal government. Yet, they’ve seen a series of back-to-back problems on their watch. These problems range from inflation to immigration issues, ridiculously expensive gas costs, and more.

All of this plays a role in projections that show massive GOP wins this November. Democrats, naturally, are terrified of losing power in Congress. They’re terrified of Biden having to actually work with Republicans, rather than brushing them aside.

As Democrats work to avoid major losses, they’ve begun insisting any scenario that involves their losses is a danger to American democracy. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the latest leftists to echo these claims, as reported by Newsmax.

The Clintons on American Democracy

While speaking with Financial Times and the Late Late Show, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton each talked about the various ways they see democracy as being endangered in today’s America.

Hillary Clinton argued the country is on the “precipice” of completely forfeiting democracy. She, therefore, claimed Democrats should essentially focus on what will help them win the upcoming midterms.

Finally, Clinton told Financial Times that the notion of the GOP beating Democrats in the midterms, as is projected, stands as “so frightening.”

Bill Clinton made similar claims. He told the Late Late Show that “constitutional democracy” could end for decades if certain shifts aren’t made.

The former president later claimed that despite all the political fights he’s been a part of, he’s never been as concerned as he is today about the United States’ democracy.

The Truth About Democracy

Americans’ ability to go to the polls and make their voices heard regarding which leaders they want is a key pillar of democracy.

Democracy is not just a scenario where Democrats endlessly win elections and get to impose their policies on the nation. However, this appears to be how Democratic officials and leaders are interpreting democracy, as of late.

The truth of the matter is this: Democrats are doing horribly in the polls. Americans are struggling in their everyday lives because of policies put into place under a Democratic president and Democratic-controlled Congress.

Therefore, if Americans go to the polls and vote in a way that hands back control of Congress to Republicans, this will be democracy in action.

Democracy doesn’t always work in the favor of a certain political party, including Democrats. However, for Democrats to imply that democracy only exists if they win elections is the height of duplicity.

Do you agree with Hillary and Bill Clinton about democracy in the United States? Please be sure to let us know your thoughts about the direction in which the country is heading.