Chuck Schumer Caught on Hot Mic Predicting Trouble Ahead For Democrats

Democrats desperately want to win this year’s midterms.

Joe Biden’s made this very clear, saying that dark times will come if GOP members win. Very recently, the president also confirmed that he’ll be vetoing what a Republican Congress tries to pass if it comes to that.

As it stands today, Democrats are likely to lose the House of Representatives, while the Senate appears as though it could go either way.

However, conversations about the midterms have taken an interesting turn since Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught on a hot mic expressing what he really thinks will come in November, per Townhall.

Major Concerns on Schumer’s End

While attending a dinner event on Capitol Hill, Schumer was caught saying Democrats are only 40% likely to keep the House of Representatives, but 60% likely to hold onto the Senate.

The Senate Majority Leader didn’t stop there, however. He also made a point of claiming that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking at “trouble” and won’t hold the speakership for much longer.

Later, Schumer sounded off about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Schumer admittedly believes that McCarthy tends to “suck up” to former President Trump, who will run in 2024.

These remarks from Schumer came around the same time as announcements that he’d pour millions of his own funds into helping Democrats win House and Senate elections this year.

A Referendum on the Biden Administration

With Joe Biden’s approval rating quickly going down the drain, many Americans agree the midterms are ultimately going to be a litmus test of how the current administration is doing so far.

Thus far, there’s much to be desired, from the economy to the southern border and crime rates. Neither Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, nor other Democrats have directed attention toward these issues that impact the American public.

Schumer’s comments on Capitol Hill this week are merely another example of proof that even Democrats know it’s not looking good for them.

Nevertheless, the party still wants to keep power so that it can force through radical policies, no matter how much damage it does to the country.

Republicans, on the other hand, are making the case for Americans to elect them so they can fix people’s lives, in addition to preventing even more damage that would stem from Biden having a Democratic-led Congress voting for nearly every piece of legislation he proposes.

The midterm elections are closer than they may appear. As it stands today, Americans will have to make a choice on the outcomes of these races very soon.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.