Chuck Grassley Exposes Biases of DOJ in Hunter’s Case

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley lashed out at US Attorney General Merrick Garland for not investigating Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady business dealings overseas.

Grassley wrote a letter to Garland, reminding him Biden remained involved in the financial affairs of his family, particularly in the business of his disgraced son, Hunter Biden.

Top Republican Senator Schooled Merrick Garland

In his letter, Grassley noted that Hunter Biden and Biden’s brother, James Biden, signed contracts with foreign companies that had relations with anti-American governments.

The Republican senator also stated Joe Biden was well aware of his family’s business matters, even though he repeatedly claimed he did not know anything about his son’s business.

Likewise, Grassley established the FBI is already equipped with all the evidence against Hunter Biden.

This suggests the first son was in contact with multiple Russian and Chinese companies owned by the business tycoons having close contact with the governments.

In addition to that, Grassley stated it still remains unclear whether the FBI followed investigations’ SOPs against the first family and the president. This would be needed to conduct a criminal inquiry against them at a time when all documentary evidence was present.

Furthermore, Grassley asked the DOJ why US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss is not investigating Hunter’s case with transparency.

Similarly, the GOP senator claimed the FBI and DOJ are yet to question the authenticity of the allegations that Grassley made in his previous letter against Hunter and Biden.

In his last letter, Grassley accused the FBI of intentionally shutting down the investigations against the first family.

Now, the FBI and the DOJ should immediately speak the truth to the American people and Congress, Grassley added.

Grassley Has Written Multiple Letters to Expose the FBI

Since May 2021, this is the third time Grassley has written a letter to the Justice Department and the FBI to highlight the politicizing of law enforcement agencies.

In all the letters, the senator emphasized Congress has the role of investigating misdeeds of federal agencies and departments not doing their jobs as per the law, referring to possible congressional investigations against the DOJ in a GOP-led Congress.

All the letters of Grassley also invited whistleblowers within the federal government who wanted to expose the DOJ and the FBI by remaining anonymous.

Grassley said he would respect the confidentiality of all the whistleblowers who have anything to share against the biased behavior of the DOJ in Hunter Biden’s case.

Republicans claim they will investigate the role of the DOJ and the FBI in the Hunter Biden case after winning Congress in the midterm elections.

However, some political insiders believe even a GOP-led Congress will not be powerful enough to force the DOJ to investigate Biden’s role in his son’s business dealings.

Some conservatives believe the next Republican president is expected to purge the DOJ of officials who are shielding Hunter intentionally.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.