Chronic Lawlessness: Illegal Immigrants Killing Pets in Border Cities

Border neighboring cities are grappling with extreme lawlessness, due to the rising wave of illegal immigration at the US southern border.

People in one such bordering city, Eagle Pass, Texas, claim illegal immigrants are killing their pets, knocking on their doors at midnight, and making the communities less safe.

Border Cities Face Chronic Lawlessness

An Eagle Pass resident, Laura Ramos, noted she does not feel safe in her business store; so she has to keep many weapons with her all the time.

Another all-female business owner, Griselda claimed she has no choice other than closing her business at 7 p.m, as it gets unsafe for girls to go outside after that. 

Likewise, another female resident of the city, Cindy, claimed she lives in an area occupied by big ranches and properties. While attempting a robbery in that area, illegal immigrants even killed the dogs, Cindy added.

Eagle Pass is located almost one kilometer away from the Mexico border and has three official border crossings. Though locals are more worried about illegal border crossings, particularly the Rio Grande, which is making the locals less safe.

Since October 2021, the Del Rio border sector, which contains Eagle Pass as well, observed more than 376,000 border encounters, as per the Customs and Border Protection records.

In 2020, only 183,000 border encounters happened in the Del Rio sector.

Ramos also claimed she trained her children how to use weapons and tasers in case they find themselves in unfortunate incidents with illegal immigrants.

Kamala Harris Defends America’s Broken Borders

Ranch owners are most worried about the surging illegal immigration crisis in Eagle Pass. As animals are grazing on ranches all day long, they are usually vulnerable to attacks by illegal immigrants.

One local named Cesar claimed illegal immigrants are leaving a lot of garbage on ranches, which is exposing animals to danger.

Furthermore, a food truck business owner, Richardo, asserted law enforcement authorities immediately need to close border openings, as any further migrant surge will make the situation even worse.

One local resident, Armando, said he is observing a new group of illegal immigrants coming into the city every day. Even law enforcement agencies are telling locals to lock their doors due to the continuous influx of migrants, Armando added.

People are experiencing door knocks at midnight, Armando continued, which is scary for them as they have never observed this much lawlessness in their city.

“Kamala Harris” by Gage Skidmore

Border neighboring areas are suffering at a time when Vice President Kamala Harris recently claimed the US-Mexico border is safe and secure.

On Sunday, Harris stated the Biden administration is working on expanding the legal ways for people who want to live in the United States.

According to Harris, illegal immigrants are not an issue at all, but the US’ broken immigration system, which is failing to provide legal ways for entry into the US, is the biggest issue.