Christian Film Outshines Best Picture Noms

The Christian movie, Jesus Revolution, has become the latest sensation in Hollywood, outperforming highly acclaimed films that were expected to do better.

Despite being in theaters for just two weeks, Jesus Revolution has already earned $30.5 million domestically, surpassing the earnings of five Best Picture nominees of this year. In fact, it has made more money than four of these nominees combined.

In Just Two Weeks on Minimal Budget

What’s even more impressive is that Jesus Revolution achieved this in just two weeks, while the Best Picture nominees have either completed their theatrical run or are close to ending it.

The Banshees of Inisherin made $5m, The Fabelmans made $17.2m, Tár earned $7m, Triangle of Sadness earned $5m, and Women Talking earned $9 million.

Together, these films made just $44m, which Jesus Revolution is expected to surpass before the end of its theatrical run.

It’s clear that Hollywood and the Academy are more interested in awarding snobby films to their friends, rather than producing movies that appeal to the masses.

Jesus Revolution, however, is a heartwarming movie that treats its audience with respect and has been more successful in two weeks than the other films have been in months.

Jesus Revolution was made on a budget of $15m. While the only recognizable actor is Kelsey Grammer, it has still managed to outshine films that had bigger budgets and more well-known actors.

The Banshees of Inisherin cost $20m to make and stars Barry Keough, Brendan Gleason, Colin Farrell, and Kerry Condon.

Tár, starring two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, likely cost around $20m to produce. The Fabelmans, a Steven Spielberg film, had a budget of $40m. Triangle of Sadness cost $15.6m and starred international actors along with Woody Harrelson.

Women Talking, which starred Claire Foy, Frances McDormand, and Rooney Mara does not have a budget listed.

Issues With Hollywood

Despite being profit-driven, Hollywood continues to produce films that the general public is not interested in.

This is because Hollywood is an echo chamber that caters to its own interests and ignores the preferences of the masses.

While Marvel and Star Wars movies are released every few months to supplement their vanity projects, well-made films that resonate with everyday Americans are rarely produced.

There is a large audience for films that tell relatable stories about everyday Americans, including Christians, of which there are over a hundred million in the US alone.

However, Hollywood is unlikely to cater to this audience because it despises normal people more than it loves money. This is a sad reality, but one that audiences can overcome by supporting films like Jesus Revolution that offer a positive message and relatable characters.

It remains to be seen if Hollywood will ever get the message.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.