Chris Cuomo Apologizes to CNN, Admits He Advised His Brother on Scandal

"CNN" (CC BY 2.0) by Josh Hallett

On Thursday night, CNN host Chris Cuomo apologized on air for advising his older brother on how to handle his sexual harassment scandal. 

Chris Cuomo, who infamously interviewed the New York governor about the COVID-19 response during the pandemic, indicated on his primetime program that he never concealed his brother’s scandals in New York. 

Cuomo’s Version of Events

The CNN host told viewers that there are stories circulating about him offering his brother advice. He claimed that he does and there is no revelation about that. Cuomo added that he has said it publicly that he advises his brother and he never hid it. 

He went on to say that his family means everything to him and that he is “fiercely” loyal to them. 

“CNN” (CC BY 2.0) by hyku

Cuomo had been talking with his brother’s lawyers, staff, and others during a strategy session. The CNN host also advised his brother not to end up as another victim of “cancel culture.”

In his defense, Cuomo stated on his show that he is a family-first man and “job second.” He also revealed that he was included in strategy sessions with his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid his ongoing sexual harassment scandal. 

Balancing Work and Family

Chris Cuomo added that his work and being a brother to a governor is a “unique responsibility” for him to balance. He then stated that it is not always easy. However, people can say and write what they want. Yet, he wants to deliver the truth. 

The CNN host added that when his brother’s situation became turbulent, he understands why it was a problem for CNN. He revealed that he was being looped into calls with other friends, and advisers, which includes some of his staff. Cuomo added that it will “not happen again.”

Cuomo then admitted that it was a mistake on his end when he put his collegues on that spot. He also mentioned that they are the best in the business, yet he put them in a bad spot. Cuomo then continued and said that he never intended this and that he was sorry.

The CNN host also emphasized that he never attempted to influence CNN’s coverage of his brother. He said that in fact he had been “walled off” from it. 

Cuomo mentioned that it is a difficult situation to be in and that is okay. He went on and stated that he knows where the line is and that he can respect it. Yet, he will still be there for his family for how he should be. Cuomo then mentioned that he loves his brother, his family, and his job. Finally, Cuomo stated that he respects his co-workers at CNN. 

He then concluded his opening remarks by telling his colleagues that he was “truly sorry”