China Will Never Ditch Russia for America

Military experts are indicating in the prevailing Russian-Ukraine tensions, it is extremely hard for China to stay neutral.

So far, China has hesitated to support Russia openly, even though the White House accused the country of providing critical resources to Russia.

China Not Likely to Stay Neutral During Russia Conflict

Chinese government officials often claim they are analyzing both sides of the coin. Recently, the Chinese ambassador to Ukraine noted China respects the sovereignty of every nation.

Claiming to establish bilateral relations based on “equality and mutual benefit,” the Chinese ambassador tried to portray the notion that the country is not backing Russian aggression. 

However, experts believe this was just an eyewash by the Chinese ambassador. This is due to the fact that prior to these comments, Chinese President Xi Jinping noted he “supports” Putin’s choice.

According to him, rejecting the “Cold War mentality” is the key to solving the crisis, and China respects the “reasonable security concerns” of every country. 

This prompted the United States to warn China it would face drastic consequences, should it side with Russia in the conflict.

The founder of the Yorktown Institute, Seth Cropsey, who also served as a US naval officer and the deputy undersecretary of the Navy, spoke to Fox News to declassify Chinese ambitions.

He suggested China is walking a “slender path,” which will lead it to nowhere. Thus, this path will shrink further as the war continues, which will eventually push China to a dead-end tunnel, he added.

Cropsey further asserted that China has no experience in international mediation, so it is maintaining an “uncomfortable position.”

Because of this, the expert noted China is not in a position to create a rift with Russia; so it is abstaining from meddling in Russian matters.

China Hesitant to Denounce Russian Aggression

According to Cropsey, Russian President Putin wants to reinstate the pre-Cold War boundaries of Russia because he labeled the end of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. 

While Russian ambitions are only regionally based, China is looking toward more global ambitions, instead of limiting itself to any specific region.

Chinese leaders believe they will eventually come to a crossroads with Russia one day, Cropsey added. Reportedly, China is sailing troubled waters at the moment, as it is unable to put its weight on any one side during the conflict.

Both China and Russia have the same sort of foreign policy ambitions; both of them have made their recent decisions by going against the US foreign policy.

Since Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, China and Russia started their aggression against Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively.

Similarly, even when most of the global powers are sanctioning Russia, China is hesitant to do so, as it would hamper their relations with Russia.

This is making experts believe even though China claims to be neutral, it is inclined to favor Russia.