China Just Started Taiwan War Inspired by Russia

"Vice President Biden Raises a Toast in Honor of Chinese President Xi at a State Luncheon at the State Department" (United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

China has threatened the world not to give any military aid to Taiwan, as it moves inches closer to invading its neighbor.

This stance is a replication of the Russian strategy in Ukraine, as Russia warned the world along the same lines.

China Warned Everyone Against Helping Taiwan

It is widely perceived that Chinese ambitions in Taiwan are motivated by Russia’s aggressive stance against Ukraine.

In addition to that, America’s haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan also encouraged both authoritarian countries to pursue their aggressive foreign policy measures.

The horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are still unfolding. Ukrainians continue facing the misery of mass immigration into their neighboring countries.

Experts believe if China invades Taiwan, the same sort of humanitarian crisis could possibly happen in Taiwan, which would eventually push the world towards further unrest.

According to the Chinese government, any country trying to help Taiwan militarily would face the “worst consequences.”

Likewise, the authoritarian government reportedly stated, “no one and no force” has the audacity to stop China if it decides to take conclusive action against Taiwan.

China has already criticized countries by name which are trying to be pro-Taiwan.

For instance, the Chinese National Defense ministry accused Peter Dutton, the Defense Minister of Australia, when Australia stated it would do “whatever we can” to stop Chinese attacks on Taiwan.

As global concerns regarding Ukraine’s future are rising, Taiwan is also well aware of the potential consequences of the possible events that can shape its future.

This is a reason why Taiwan already stated it is going to double its yearly missile production in the current year to counter possible Chinese aggression.

This announcement came amid the backdrop of Taiwan’s defense ministry’s claim it is approving $8.6 billion of extra spending for military purposes over the next five years.

China Getting Momentum With Every Russian Success

China has repeatedly indicated Taiwan is not a separate country, but a breakaway province, where it would ultimately launch a peaceful reunification operation. However, the United States and the western world denied these claims.

Now, when Russia is living the same sort of ambition in a different country, it is widely believed China is currently weighing its options to do a cost-benefit analysis for the Taiwan invasion.

China is calculating the response that may come from the Biden administration after the invasion, as the US is likely to put the same sanctions on China, which is practiced in Russia.

While China continued sending its fighter planes to obstruct the airspaces of Taiwan, it stopped temporarily when the Beijing Winter Olympics started. After the games, the Chinese have once again resumed their bid to violate Taiwan’s aerial boundaries.

According to the New York Times, people who are worried about the persisting geopolitical crisis are circulating online trends like, “Today, Ukraine, Tomorrow, Taiwan!” to showcase their concerns regarding the hegemony of Russia and China.