China is Testing America’s Resolve, Amid Biden’s Display of Weakness

China’s display of aggression towards Taiwan is looking to test Biden, feeding on the narrative the U.S. has apparently declined in its power. This comes particularly in the wake of the failed withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan watched by the world.

China intensified its effort against Taiwan, boosting aggressive maneuvers against US allies

Over the last month, China sent dozens of warplanes to Taiwan as part of its claim of sovereignty over the country and its powerful stance towards the region that’s been intensifying for months. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping likewise renewed his call for Taiwan to be brought in as a part of the Chinese Communist Party, allegedly aiming for “peaceful reunification.” 

China’s been claiming Taiwan to be a part of its territory, calling it a “breakaway province.” It can be noted the two countries have been divided since 1949. However, China’s recently started doubling its pressure on Taiwan, while going against its participation with international groups, such as the United Nations. 

On the other hand, the United States does not recognize Taiwan formally; however, America has been supportive of its call for democracy and maintained an unofficial relationship with the country. 

According to experts, there are many reasons as to why China is boosting its aggressive maneuvers over U.S. allies. Some of the contributing factors include the domestic power struggles and the turbulent withdrawal of U.S. troops from the war-torn country of Afghanistan. 

China feeding on narrative U.S. apparently declined in power

Former senior defense official James Anderson stated China would systematically ratchet the pressure on Taiwan and pressure the United States. This move by China is also testing Biden’s resolve and probing the weaknesses of the United States. 

Anderson added the probable proximate cause of the recent escalation of probing and aggressive efforts of China has something to do with the sloppy, disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Global Times likewise posted a tweet, warning the United States displayed to the world how incapable and unwilling we are to confront a small enemy such as Afghanistan, which has very basic weaponry.

Therefore, in the future, if the U.S. would urge its major allies to challenge big powers, such as Russia and China, very few allies are likely to show up. 

Former East Asia official, Heino Klinck also made a remark, stating the aggression of China followed the Afghanistan withdrawal. However, he believes this movement is feeding the narrative that targets US’ weakness.

Klinck stated they have seen an apparent increase of assertiveness and aggressiveness from China over the past year. Thus, you can say these movements are not new and could be associated with the disastrous mayhem in Afghanistan.

However, the botched withdrawal seen by the world feeds the narrative of the Chinese government about the US’ decline of power.