China Disputes FBI and MI5 Claims of Spying and IP Theft

China has refuted charges made by intelligence authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

These charges stated the world power was using hackers and operating a global infrastructure of spies.

In his remarks on Wednesday, Director of the FBI Christopher Wray and MI5 Director-General Ken McCallum issued a joint alert to corporate executives about China’s covert operations efforts.

The spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, responded to the warning by offering his own thoughts on the matter.

They concentrated mainly on the activities of Chinese hackers with the intention of stealing intellectual property from western technology businesses.

Totally Farfetched?

At a press event on Thursday, Zhao responded to claims made against China by Wray and McCallum.

He stated the accusations are totally farfetched and the “so-called examples they described are pure shadow chasing.”

He said this is a classic example of a thief yelling, “Stop thief!” as they steal something. Apparently, this is a dishonorable, dishonest tactic the Chinese government strongly condemns.

Zhao asserted that Wray was “hyping up the so-called ‘China danger’ to slander and malign China.”

He claimed his words show Wray’s “engrained Cold War zero-sum mindset and ideological predisposition.” Zhao made these claims in response to Wray’s comments.

In addition to this, he asserted the United States has indeed been “violating the aims and principles of the United Nations Charter” while actively pursuing unneeded confrontations on a consistent basis.

“We have indicated on several occasions that the goal of China’s growth is to offer better livelihoods to the Chinese citizens, not to target anybody or much less replace anyone,” Zhao added.

“We have also stated that the goal of China’s progress is to deliver better economic conditions.”

“This head of the United Kingdom’s security agency has to cast aside imagined monsters, exit the dark chamber, and embrace the sunlight.”

“They need to quit adhering to the antiquated zero-sum game thinking and they need to stop inventing imaginary opponents.”

Technological Advancements

During an address that the FBI director gave on Wednesday in the United Kingdom, he stated his agency is concerned the Chinese government is planning to “take your information.”

“They say the Chinese will take whatever it is that makes your company tick and use it to undercut your firm and control your market. They are resolved to accomplish their goal by employing each and every resource at their disposal.”

Legislators and authorities in the United States have voiced widespread alarm over China’s theft of intellectual property from the United States.

At least three Republican senators are concerned if intellectual property safeguards are weakened, it will be easier for China to steal inventions and overtake the United States in terms of technical strength.