Chicago Police Department Confused Amid Surging Crimes

The blue city of Chicago is facing a law enforcement crisis, which is leading the police department to reassign duties to the police officers.

According to the local media outlets, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) ordered to shift some police officers from neighborhoods to TV and film production sets, due to the rising crimes at the film shooting sites.

Film Production Sets Vulnerable to Crime in Chicago

On Monday, an unidentified suspect lit and threw an object at the production set near the University of Illinois in Chicago. The police noted the object failed to explode; no injuries were reported. 

Speaking to Fox News, the CPD spokesperson stated, back then, the police department of the city extensively collaborates with production crews and communities in which the film shooting takes place.

Reportedly, movie and TV sets are having a tough time searching for off-duty police officers for their security. So, finally, the CPD announced chainging the duties of some officers to protect film crews.

In a separate incident, two vehicles recently exchanged gunshots near a production set in the city, which halted the production of a movie.

Back then, a CPD spokesperson told the Hollywood news outlet, Deadline, that Chicago police are committed to safeguarding the vibrant filming community of the city. 

The spokesperson also argued the police want to create a peaceful atmosphere for the Chicago Film Office and the cultural affairs department so production teams feel safe during shootings.

Chicago Destroying the Local Police Department 

Chicago’s liberal mayor has a history of messing up the police administration of the city. 

In 2020, when the police defunding movement was at its peak after George Floyd’s murder, Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot reduced the funding of the police by $80 million, leaving the city vulnerable to crime.

This massive defunding made 2021 the deadliest year in Chicago since 1996. The data released by the CPD revealed 797 homicides were reported in Chicago in 2021, the most in the last 25 years.

So, after seeing the consequences of her highly progressive policies, Mayor Lightfoot announced to increase police funding once again.

Once the funding was increased, the crime rate in Chicago significantly declined. For instance, the CPD announced last month that the city observed a 44% decline in homicides and a 26% decline in shootings, compared to last year.

While the southern and western outskirts of the city remained peaceful, the northern side has seen an increase in criminal activities.

All major crimes near northern areas have risen by almost 66%, compared to the last year. They are expected to increase further if the city continues its anti-police policies, which is urging the officers to resign en masse.

According to the data released by the CPD in March, almost 300 police officers resigned from their jobs in the first three months of the ongoing year.

Likewise, 756 officers left their jobs last year when police defunding ambitions of the liberal mayor were at their peak.