Cheeky Dems Ignore GOP Reaching Out on Debt Ceiling, Lefty Pundits Applaud

The Democrat Party is flatly rejecting and practically altogether ignoring calls and invitations from Republicans to hold negotiations on the once again badly needed raising of the debt ceiling.

Leftist propagandists are applauding Democrats’ cheekiness and intransigence.

National Debt Spiraling Out of Control, Dems Want More of That

As America’s public debt was about to reach $31.4 trillion last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, informing him the federal government needed the borrowing limit raised. 

Yellen told McCarthy the ceiling would be hit on January 19 and the possibility the US government could default on its debts should be taken seriously, unless more borrowing is allowed by Congress. 

With Republicans controlling the House and Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, conventional political wisdom and American political tradition would stipulate negotiations to reach a bipartisan debt ceiling deal. 

However, this time, Democrats don’t want to have any of it and leftist propagandists are highly enthusiastic about that position. Among those is Steve Benen, an MSNBC contributor and the producer of the Rachel Maddow Show. 

The aide argued raising the debt ceiling was “not a policy issue,” just a must, an obligation for any US lawmaker, plain and simple, no questions asked. 

He accused Republicans of trying to “manufacture a hostage crisis” by threatening not to approve raising the borrowing limit. He called the GOP’s position in favor of starting to cut the national debt a “Republican extortion scheme.” 

Benen also dwelled on how the US wouldn’t default immediately and the Treasury Department was introducing emergency measures to keep the federal government afloat until June. 

Lefty Propagandist Paints Republicans as Terrorists for Wanting Fiscal Responsibility

In his article, he cited several high-ranking Democrats insisting there was nothing to negotiate with the Republicans and the debt ceiling simply had to be raised. 

One Democratic senator, Brian Schatz, was quoted as saying there won’t even be “a cookie” to reward the GOP for going along with the debt ceiling raising and thus “not crashing” the American economy. 

Benen fumed that House Speaker McCarthy stated Biden should start talks with the Republicans, instead of waiting “until the last minute.” 

He dwelled on comments by Biden’s Marxist-Communist, woke press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who declared categorically the White House wasn’t going to “do any negotiation” on the debt ceiling issue. 

Biden’s spokeswoman also insisted raising the borrowing limit had to be done “without conditions” by the Republicans. Benen also quoted GOP Senator Rick Perry, who wondered why Biden refused to negotiate. 

The Rachel Maddow show producer used that to paint the Republicans as terrorists – as he insisted Biden wouldn’t give in to demands by persons “threatening Americans” because then, other persons would also start “threatening Americans.” 


This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.