Charlie Crist is Taking New Shots at Ron DeSantis

In real-time, Florida Democrat Charlie Crist’s campaign to block Gov. Ron DeSantis from securing a second term in office is literally going down in flames.

For one thing, DeSantis has a comfortable, double-digit lead over Crist. Furthermore, the Florida governor has outraised Crist many times over. The Florida Democrat is so desperate for donations that he’s trying to use Hurricane Ian to get more money into his war chest.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, his now-former campaign manager was forced to step down due to a domestic violence dispute. Crist is running out of steam and it’s widely known that DeSantis is all but assured to cruise to reelection.

In a last-ditch effort to save his campaign, Crist is now making claims about DeSantis that are demonstrably untrue, per Breitbart News.

A Deep Dive Into the Latest Lies From Crist

In a campaign email, Crist asked his supporters for donations after alleging that DeSantis “failed to respond” to Hurricane Ian.

DeSantis’ on-the-ground work with first responders, emergency personnel, and others proves otherwise. So does the footage and photos of him meeting with Joe Biden, who visited Florida in the aftermath of the hurricane, and cooking food for first responders.

Even before the hurricane hit Florida last month, DeSantis was providing real-time alerts and letting the residents of his state know how they could find the necessary resources to remain safe.

Many could argue that DeSantis has done far more in response to (and in preparation for) Hurricane Ian than Crist did. Though Crist will put anything into a fundraising email if he thinks it’ll encourage his supporters to rush donations.

The Truth Crist Can’t Escape

Crist is not going to win his election to become Florida’s next governor. Republicans in the state outnumber Democrats by about 300,000.

Meanwhile, Crist ruined any small chance he had of landing crossover support by expressing his distaste and lack of interest in support from Floridians who like DeSantis.

The incumbent governor, on the other hand, is getting strong support from not only Republicans, but he’s also landing some crossover support from Democrats as well. Florida witnessed this when Palm Beach County commissioner Dave Kerner, a Democrat, proudly endorsed DeSantis.

When Kerner endorsed DeSantis over Crist, he lauded the governor’s track record on law and order amid noting that Crist’s views on defunding the police are detrimental to Florida.

At the end of the day, all the lies in the world aren’t going to get Crist into the governor’s mansion.

What do you make of the falsehoods that Charlie Crist spread about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? Do you believe Crist has any chance of winning the Florida gubernatorial election?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.