Charlie Crist Embraces Biden’s Divisive Comments on “MAGA Republicans”

In Florida, Democrat Charlie Crist is working to oust Governor Ron DeSantis and take his job.

Crist argues that DeSantis is a problem and DeSantis supporters are living with malice in their hearts. Crist even went as far as saying he doesn’t want the votes of Floridians who like DeSantis.

As many folks have pointed out, the ways in which Crist is going about campaigning seem more like he’s running to win in California, rather than Florida.

A lot of Floridians like DeSantis and aren’t very amenable to the idea of a governor coming in and undoing all of DeSantis’ hard work.

Now, new comments from Crist regarding Biden’s widely criticized speech against MAGA Republicans are only further ensuring his political demise, per Newsmax.

A Major Problem For Crist

According to the Florida Democrat, he’s “proud” of Biden’s polarizing comments that condemned half the country who disagrees with him as fascist and dangerous to democracy.

While campaigning, Crist said Biden showed “courage” in going after Republicans who support the former president. Crist thinks Biden called the situation for what it is and vowed Democrats will “take it” to the GOP.

Crist is making these comments in a state that has over 200,000 more Republican than Democratic voters.

Just mathematically, by Crist going after GOP members and saying he doesn’t want DeSantis supporters to vote for him, he’s further dwindling down his chances of winning the election.

Polling has already shown DeSantis leading Crist. He’s certainly managed to outraise the Florida Democrat by many times over.

Positive Prospects For DeSantis

As Crist digs himself into a hole, DeSantis appears well on his way to getting another term in office. The Florida governor’s racked up multiple endorsements, with various Floridian associations and groups praising his leadership.

Many Florida residents are also happy with the leadership of DeSantis. This was the motivating force behind a decent percentage of people who ended up moving to Florida in 2020 and 2021.

At the end of the day, DeSantis has been clear that he’s going to continue to stand up for Floridians’ rights, freedoms, and ability to live their lives without an oppressive government breathing down their necks.

Thus far, the most noticeable endorsement Crist has managed to receive has been from California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Newsom isn’t in Florida, he’s not popular in Florida, and many Floridians actually rue the policies that exist in California.

At the rate things are going, Crist appears set to continue with his current brand of campaigning and then wonder why DeSantis beats him in November.

What do you think about the latest comments from Charlie Crist about Joe Biden’s divisive remarks? In the comments area, feel free to let us know if you believe the Florida Democrat is digging his own grave.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.