Catholic Church in New York Makes Shocking Claims About God

Millions of Americans go to church on a regular basis to worship God, fellowship with other believers, and otherwise build a sense of community. There are all sorts of Christian denominations, ranging from Catholic to Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and more.

Though the common theme amongst all of them is belief in God, along with belief in the teachings of the Bible.

This is precisely why new declarations from one Catholic church in New York are raising eyebrows. According to the Gateway Pundit, the newfound attention being directed towards this particular church comes after some troubling claims.

The Exhibit No One Asked For

For reasons that many people of faith are trying to understand, the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan, New York put up an exhibit that claims God is a “trans” person.

The exhibit then goes on to reference a “queer spiritual journey” that is supposedly fueled by communion, identity, and sacrifice. Of course, it goes without saying that God is not trans, which has led to Manhattan’s Church of St. Paul the Apostle incurring some justifiable backlash.

Multiple parishioners have questioned the church’s motivations for putting up such an exhibit. Other members of the community called for the church to remove this display or risk facing subsequent boycotts.

Further Contradictions

It also can’t be missed that the exhibit put up by the Manhattan-based Church of St. Paul the Apostle goes against the very teachings of the Vatican itself.

It’s always been the view of the Vatican that God created male and female genders, no more and no less.

Likewise, the Vatican formally opposes any individuals undergoing gender reassignment surgeries. Therefore, the notion of God being “trans” simply doesn’t align with any Catholic teachings whatsoever.

On social media, Americans are still weighing in on the troubling display seen in New York.