Canada’s Tyrannical Leftist Leader Has New Competition

Canada has been in the headlines over the past few years for all the wrong reasons. In particular, their far-left leader, Justin Trudeau, raised some concerns in America and around the world.

Not only has Trudeau openly praised communist China, but he also put in some of the strictest COVID lockdown rules in the world. He made it clear only globalists are welcome in his government and nation.

His extreme crackdown and arrest of truckers who resisted him during the Freedom Convoy also got the world’s attention.

This far-left tyrant has been walking around with a big stick for quite a few years now, in part because he has no real competition and Canada’s so-called right is extremely disorganized and weak.

Though now Canadian conservatives have taken one step to actually dethroning Trudeau.

Canadian Conservatives Elect New Leader

In Canada, political parties internally elect a leader. The so-called Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has now elected a new leader named Pierre Poilievre. He’s actually the fourth head of the CPC in the past couple of years, and the track record on this isn’t too great.

Poilievre has a decent base of support. He is more on the libertarian side with a populist streak; although he’s nowhere near as strongly anti-Trudeau as someone like People’s Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier.

Bernier defected from the CPC for being too leftist and globalist, but Poilievre hopes to lead it into a new chapter and get rid of Trudeau.

To his credit, Poilievre rallied support for the CPC and collected 300,000 new members. This is a big boost in party membership; he’s definitely doing a lot to speak a language that many people understand.

This includes a focus on the economy and pointing out the hypocrisy and elitism of Trudeau and the leftist inner circle that rules Canada via all its parties.

Poilievre’s Views

Poilievre is right-wing, but he doesn’t focus a lot on social issues and is campaigning right now on as broad a base as possible.

He represents a district of Canada that’s next to its capital, Ottawa. He is aware of those who pull the strings at the federal level, as well as having worked in previous Canadian governments.

He communicates well and gets across to a crowd; although, by Canadian standards, his method of speaking is still pretty tame and polite stuff!

Let’s be clear: Poilievre is no Trump, but he’s at least not afraid to show Trudeau the exit door. He has also promised to fire the current head of the Bank of Canada, Tiff Macklem, for his idiotic monetary policies.

The Bottom Line

Canada’s next election date is unclear, but it will take place at the latest by October 2025. There’s no doubt Poilievre has a shot. Let’s see how strongly he can stick to conservative principles.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.