Canada Meddles Into US Politics With Anti-Trump School Curriculum

"President Trump at the Signing Ceremony of the USMCA" by Trump White House Archived

Ever since Justin Trudeau began to exercise his power, Canadians lost their rights to public assemblies, religious practices, and even free speech.

Despite all that, they still managed to find a way to mock former US President Trump, the beacon of free speech.

Namely, a pamphlet handed out to school-age children is teaching Canada’s youngest that Trump’s advocation for free speech was just a way to “mask” his hate propaganda.

The pamphlet also says his plan to build a wall on the US southern border was racist in nature.

“President Trump Meets with the Prime Minister of Canada” by Trump White House Archived

Liberal propaganda around every corner up north

What’s more, the pamphlet’s production and distribution were funded by government officials. It’s a direct stab at the Trump administration’s performance and unrealized infrastructural ideas.

The “teaching tool” in question, aptly named “Confronting and preventing hate in Canadian schools” isn’t very likely to do either of those things; the country’s population is seemingly already fed up with Trudeau’s regime.

Furthermore, it outlines concepts like a border wall as racist, completely unaware of the US border situation that was spiraling out of control years ago and has culminated during the Biden presidency.

In fact, it’s not just Trump and his wall that Canada is after. The pamphlet quickly segues into criticizing the US Republican Party.

It claims the GOP’s members are bigots and white nationalists, which, aside from being misleading and deceptive, isn’t exactly classroom teaching material.

Political bias in Canadian classrooms

However, the guide fails to mention any other US political parties and/or their shortcomings.

They have been plentiful in recent years if we look at the Democrat Party specifically. They’ve allowed both illegal immigration and crime rates to skyrocket past major historical values.

At this point, it becomes very obvious the pamphlet is as biased as they come.

It even encourages students to challenge their peers when they speak in favor of right-leaning political figures, claiming their ideology is racist, bigoted, and founded on white supremacy.

Trump’s wall is mentioned more than half a dozen times in the “guide,” making it very obvious it was written by someone with just surface-level knowledge of the Trump administration; the former president did much more than just propose building a wall.

In fact, the entire “wall” thing feels outdated at this point, as it was “memed” all the way back in 2016; yet, Trump managed to bring the US out of a ditch no other president ever could.

Dark times have befallen Canada. Now that their political left is starting to advocate against free speech, there’s no telling what else the Trudeau regime is capable of doing.

Although one shouldn’t expect them not to flip the table on the concept if it works in their favor.