Calls For 2020 Rematch Emerge After New Evidence

Donald Trump, a former president, stated the 2020 presidential election has to be rerun in light of recent revelations regarding how the FBI manipulated coverage of Hunter Biden’s computer.

The Details

Trump sounded off on August 29 on his social media site, Truth Social.

He claims the FBI hid the Hunter Biden laptop incident before the elections because they knew that, had they not, “Trump would have won comfortably the 2020 Presidential Race.”

“This is egregious fraud and election meddling on a scale never previously seen in our nation.”

“REMEDY: Announce the victor or, which would be the bare-bones approach, proclaim the 2020 Election to be irrevocably tainted and call for a fresh election right now!” Trump wrote as well.

According to a survey done last week, almost 80% of Americans believe the “truthful” reporting of the computer story may have influenced the 2020 election results.

Additionally, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed to radio host Joe Rogan that FBI agents spoke with Facebook employees prior to the election.

It turns out the social media behemoth took action to limit the dissemination of news regarding Hunter Biden’s computer.

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson disclosed last week that an FBI insider had complained to his office that the agency dragged its feet on looking into the younger Biden’s computer.

Messages involving possible business contacts between Hunter Biden and foreign corporations, including a company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, were detailed in a shocking revelation by the New York Post only days before the 2020 presidential election.

This is Huge

Days later, Tony Bobulinski, a former colleague, confirmed to news organizations that emails and other texts found on the laptop were genuine.

One such email, which mentioned “10 held by H for the big guy” when trying to describe the percent capital allocation decisions of a venture with CEFC, a Chinese company, was among the messages.

President Joe Biden is “the major man,” according to Bobulinski, a business associate of Hunter Biden’s who spoke with the media on the record.

The messages from the laptop, along with other information, were discussed in a late 2020 presidential debate between Trump and Biden.

However, the social media company shut the New York Post out of its accounts for more than two weeks after the item was posted on Twitter and prevented the piece from being reposted.

Later, in March 2021, the then-CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, testified before a congressional committee, calling the decision to ban the New York Post piece a “complete blunder” and a “system mistake.”

“It was only a processing mistake.”

At the time, Dorsey informed the House Energy and Commerce Committee this wasn’t specifically directed at them. He did not identify the decision-maker behind the blocking of the New York Post piece.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.