California’s Electric Grid Just Took a Turn For the Worst

When it comes to forcing everyone into buying electric vehicles, the Democrat Party is not letting up. Leftists continue to harp about the supposed merits of these cars, with some states moving to phase out vehicles that run on gas within the next decade and a half.

However, Democrats aren’t talking about the pitfalls that continuously arrive amid electric vehicle usage. For one thing, many of the charging stations aren’t even working, therefore leaving electric vehicle owners without transportation.

Days ago, in West Virginia, a story went viral of coal miners actually helping an electric vehicle owner push this car to a mine for charging. Had the coal miners not been there to help, this electric vehicle owner would have been stranded without help.

Meanwhile, California’s electric grid is in such a precarious condition that the state’s telling people to put a pin in charging their electric vehicles. According to Newsmax, California’s electric grid has now reached an even more dire state.

The Latest on Power and Electricity in California

On Labor Day, California’s power grid was declared as being in a state of emergency. Ongoing energy deficiencies have once again put the onus on California residents to lower their power consumption even more.

This wasn’t just a one-day thing, however. Over the course of this week alone, California’s power grid is expected to keep struggling. For the next several days, in fact, the blue state is anticipated to experience heat waves that strain the available bandwidth of electricity.

If things continue on their current trajectory, California is on track to potentially experience blackouts, hence the calls for state residents to reduce their consumption of electricity.

A Greater Lesson

There’s no doubt that what California is going through is unfortunate. However, the state’s ongoing work to completely phase out cars running on gas is a problem that’s highlighted because of all the issues it’s having with the power grid.

Many Americans hold the view that if California is going to demand individuals to drive electric vehicles, the least it can do is ensure people at least have the ability to charge these vehicles.

Instead, California is doing the opposite, by telling people to reduce the electricity they’re consuming. In a scenario where virtually everyone is driving an electric vehicle, this would leave people unable to get from point a to point b.

Thus far, California has yet to put in place solutions or reforms that won’t leave folks without transportation in the years to come.

What do you think about all the power grid issues that California is facing? Do you believe this will lead to continued scrutiny over the state’s plans to phase out cars that run on gas? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.