California TikTok Teacher Boasts Her Classroom’s “Queer Library”

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Much to no one’s surprise, yet another “educator” from California is publicly outing themselves as a groomer on TikTok, this time with a series of posts about her “queer library.”

This contains a fair amount of content that has no business being near children.

The teacher, Danielle Serio, otherwise known as “Flint,” repeatedly made TikTok posts about the classroom library in question, adding all of the books are available to children and it’s been that way for the past five years.

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The depravity of TikTok

While the usual gender identity ideology and trans stuff are definitely there, the shelf is riddled with books outlining the concepts of BDSM, fetishism, and even kinks.

The majority of the books also contain extremely detailed depictions of sexual intercourse.

One of the books, which focuses on BDSM and fetishes in the trans community, even links its readers to a website. This is practically a social networking site for finding people with similar kinks, which is a goldmine for groomers.

The book claims the BDSM and kink communities are extremely open and welcoming towards transgender persons, adding the inclusion of trans people within the community just added to the “smorgasbord,” whatever that means.

This sort of material is not the kind of stuff you’d want or expect your child to be learning about in school. That’s especially true if the values of the trans community don’t exactly align with those you choose to uphold at home.

Why should our children be learning about gay hookup apps?

Another one of the books casually discusses the gay hookup platform “Grindr” with detailed info on how to perform homosexual intercourse, paired with a fair amount of graphic depictions of the aforementioned.

According to the book, we all want to “have sex with loads of people.” This is creating a generalization that doesn’t always fit the overarching narrative, especially within religious families, who have refused to succumb to such a lifestyle.

The book contains a plethora of “educational” info on how homosexual intercourse works; although we’ll spare you the details. The very idea that such a book can be found in a children’s classroom speaks enough about the person boasting such a “library”.

Even the school’s superintendent caved to the “woke” agenda that Flint is promoting. She’d made a video interviewing him where he claims as long as the students are learning something new, he’s all for it.

A number of news companies reached out to Flint and the school’s superintendent for comments on the appropriateness of such materials in our classrooms. Though neither of them responded, likely because they too know the real answer to that question.

Despite all of this, Flint still makes videos wondering why parents in the US have a hard time trusting educators; albeit, given the materials she hands out in her classroom, it’d be hard to call her one to begin with.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.