California Reaps the Consequences of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration continues to be an ongoing problem that our country faces, especially with the Biden administration running things.

Since the inception of Biden’s presidential term, he’s shown absolutely no regard for this country’s immigration laws. In fact, the policies upheld by this president incentivize folks to break the rules in place.

With the White House refusing to do its part, the burden of illegal immigration is now being passed along to the states.

Though in the case of California, a new wave of migrants arriving in Sacramento has caused major problems, according to Fox News.

California Officials Didn’t See This Coming

Just earlier this month, a group of migrants from South America emerged at a church outside of Sacramento. Since then, numerous questions have been raised about these migrants, especially how they came to be at the church.

This is a matter that’s captured the attention of not just Attorney General Ron Bonta, but also of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Over the weekend, news broke that Bonta believes the state of Florida may have had a hand in transporting these migrants to Sacramento. This assumption is being made due to said migrants being in possession of documents that appear to have come from the Sunshine State.

So far, the matter is still under official investigation. Though this hasn’t stopped Bonta from publicly deeming the case as “state-sanctioned kidnapping.”

Part of a Pattern

Like many left-wing states, California has consistently deemed itself to be a haven for illegal immigrants. However, this theory has been regularly put to the test as of late, with border states giving migrants free-of-charge transit to sanctuary cities.

The rhetoric of communities that purport themselves as sanctuary cities has seen significant changes upon being put to the test with actual migrants arriving at their doorsteps.

Time will tell what comes next concerning this latest situation in Sacramento.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.