California Now Moving to Prohibit Gasoline Cars Within 13 Years

The Democrat Party remains fully behind the push to transition to electric vehicles. Democrats insist that moving away from gasoline cars is going to improve the environment, along with making driving easier for most people.

Unfortunately, issues continue to arise with electric vehicles. For one thing, the United States still doesn’t have abundant access to the tools necessary to create these vehicles; although China sure does.

On top of this, many electric vehicle charging stations aren’t functioning properly. This poses serious issues and thus far, there’s been no real explanation as to what’s leading to issues with charging stations.

Democrats aren’t letting any of this stop them, though. In fact, California is looking to completely disallow cars fueled with gasoline by the time 2035 rolls around, per Newsmax.

A Major Change Coming to the Golden State

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working towards ensuring that all vehicles on its roads have zero emissions by 2035.

Members of the board appear confident in passing this measure; one of them even told CNN that incremental steps are going to be taken to reach the greater 2035 goal.

This means by 2026, more than one-third of vehicle sales will need to be without emissions. Then, in 2030, that amount will increase to two-thirds.

The CARB views this transition as a “monumental” step forward that it thinks will have nationwide and worldwide effects.

Many Kinks to Iron Out

If California is truly serious about moving towards a model of only electric vehicles, then there are a lot of problems that need fixing.

Naturally, the lack of access to electric car parts and faulty charging stations are very serious issues. However, on top of this are questions about what’s ultimately going to fuel this new solely electric technology.

As it stands today, wind energy has been a bust. This means the only real viable options are nuclear power or fossil fuels. However, Democrats have made it clear they’re not fans of either and also percieve them as dangers to the environment.

To this day, electric vehicles are also considerably more costly than vehicles that run on gas. With inflation being out of control, most Americans don’t have the means to go out and buy an electric vehicle, even if it’s something they wanted to do.

With more than one decade left before California plans to totally phase out gas powered cars, time will tell what measures are taken to address the bevy of issues surrounding widespread electric vehicle usage.

What do you think about California moving to completely embrace electric vehicles and prohibit ones powered by gas? In the comments area below, feel welcome to share your thoughts with us and let us know what impacts you believe these changes will have.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.