Burbank Mayor’s Scandalous Behavior at Democratic Fundraiser Sparks Outrage

Burbank city Mayor Konstantine Anthony was caught on camera being spanked by a drag queen at a fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California.

The incident, which took place on September 11, 2023, sparked a wave of controversy and raised serious questions about the mayor’s conduct.

The video of the incident was posted by LibsofTikTok, a social media account known for its conservative views. The footage shows Mayor Anthony participating in what appears to be a lewd act, causing many to question the appropriateness of his behavior, especially given his position as a public figure.

Adding fuel to the fire, the event was initially advertised as a “child-friendly” fundraiser. However, the mayor later claimed it was a private event for individuals 21 and above and no children were present.

This claim was met with skepticism, as LibsofTikTok posted a photo allegedly showing a child at the event. The social media account also pointed out that the event’s advertisement stated it was open to individuals 15 and up, contradicting the mayor’s statement.

Mayor Anthony’s response to these allegations has been far from satisfactory.

When confronted about the age requirement discrepancy, he dismissed the claims, stating, “Regardless of advertising, there were no children at the event, but you weren’t there, so you wouldn’t know. Easier to speculate and lie, right?” This dismissive attitude has only served to further erode his credibility.

The controversy doesn’t end there.

Natalie Winters, co-host and executive editor of Steve Bannon’s War Room, unearthed some disturbing tweets from the mayor that seemed to endorse pedophilia.

One such tweet read, “Yay! #PeterSarsgaard makes pedophilia is cool again!!! #AnEducation.” This discovery has only added to the growing concerns about Mayor Anthony’s conduct and his suitability for public office.

The incident has also raised questions about the mayor’s previous decisions, particularly his approval of the controversial book “Gender Queer” for availability in Burbank schools.

Many are now questioning whether the mayor believes such behavior is appropriate, especially in a context involving children.

This scandal involving Mayor Konstantine Anthony has not only tarnished his reputation, but also raised serious questions about his judgment and suitability for public office.