British Army Goes On Full Alert For War

According to reports, the commanding officer of the British Army instructed his men to prepare for a ground battle in Europe, seeing Russia as a major danger to the continent’s stability.

War is Coming

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the recently appointed general head of the British Army, is alleged to have urged his soldiers to ready for a possible deployment in Europe to confront Russia’s threats.

As per the Daily Mail, General Sanders, who only took full control of the UK army last week, informed his men they are now confronting the potential of fighting wars on the European continent, something for which they must immediately train.

The top army official allegedly wrote, “I am now the Chief of the Army Staff to take command of the Army under the shadow of a land conflict in Europe with a continental force since 1941.”

“Russia’s incursion of Ukraine highlights our primary mission: to safeguard the United Kingdom by fighting and winning land conflicts,” he said.

“It is solely my responsibility to make our army as deadly and effective as possible.”

Sanders is also quoted as stating, “We are the generation that must train the military to fight in Europe once more.”

“Forging an army strong enough to fight with our friends and destroying Russia in war is now a pressing need.”

The new commander’s remarks come as officials across the world prepare themselves and their countries for what appears to be a protracted battle. NATO’s top official warned German tabloid Bild that the present fight in Ukraine might continue for years.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters, “We must plan for the likelihood that it might take years.”

He went on to say, “We should not stop helping Ukraine. Even if the expenses are significant, not just in terms of military assistance, but also in terms of growing energy and food expenditures.”

What Happens Next?

Following a second trip to Kyiv in the week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson seemed to restate this appeal for unwavering support in an editorial article published over the weekend in The Times.

He claimed enabling Putin to triumph in Ukraine will make the world a worse place.

“Assume [Russia] is free to hold all of the parts of Ukraine now under Russian authority,” Johnson speculated.

“Would this result in tranquility? Would the world be a better place? Would you be more secure? We all know the answer in our hearts. Such a disgrace would be Europe’s biggest triumph for aggressiveness since World War II.”

“Meanwhile, every tyrant across the world would feel empowered to pursue their own aspirations by force — and no country would be secure,” he continued. “Does that sound like something anyone in any nation would want?”

Johnson ended his piece by urging western countries to continue to help Ukraine militarily and financially; it’s unclear how effective this rallying cry would be in the face of a devastating cost-of-living problem.