Breaking: Trump is Ready to Announce His Next Run for POTUS

Former President Trump is still the leader of the American conservative movement. Although Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stands a good chance of challenging it.

The truth is Trump still commands a huge audience and has the trust of millions of Americans. Now, news is breaking that Trump plans to announce his run for president in 2024 and do so much sooner than many realized.

When Will Trump Announce?

Axios political outlet has a scoop: Trump will announce his ruin for president on Monday, November 14. This is likely to have numerous rallies following it and Trump going across the country rallying support.

Trump made it clear that he plans to run, but this date is now setting up to be the big one. Expect news headlines and talk shows to be focused on nothing but this for at least a week or two once it happens.

This is especially the case if the red wave sweeps the midterms in a few days and Trump rides in on a massive crest of Republican power, announcing that he’s running again.

All the polls show Republicans ready to definitively dominate the midterms. Coming in on the tails of huge GOP gains in the House and Senate would make Trump look like a boss.

This is exactly what he loves: massive adoring crowds, talking about winning, insulting his opponents. He’ll say the GOP won because of him. He’ll say only he can save America. He’ll tell a few jokes. He’ll be having the night of his life, you can bet on that.

What’s Trump’s Plan for 2024 Victory?

Trump has plenty of support, but he still needs a plan. For one thing, he needs to get out ahead of Ron DeSantis and steal the momentum of the midterms.

For another thing, Trump needs to show he isn’t just going to run with the same old lines. He actually has a plan to take down the “administrative state” and replace it with a more effective, lean, pro-American system.

This means less agents at the IRS and Environmental Protection Agency, sure, but it also means that the DOJ, the FBI, and Pentagon are going to see layoffs.

This time is not going to be just more of the same. As top Trump allies like Steve Bannon said, their first term was sabotaged by the administrative (or “deep”) state because they just didn’t have enough pro-Trump, pro-American people put into administrative positions.

This time will be different. It’s clear there was a conspiracy against Trump to spy on and sabotage him. It’s clear there’s an army of civil servants and wonks who want to put America last.

Trump needs to chart a course to victory by showing that he’s absolutely serious about winning and putting America first.

The Bottom Line

Get ready, Trump’s back.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.