BREAKING: NY Rep. Steps Down from Committee Assignments

George Santos has been called out for dishonesty, yet continues to hold his position in the face of immense pressure. Despite numerous reports detailing lies about his past, he remains resolved to stay at the helm, amidst a growing chorus demanding he steps down.

NY Rep Stepped Down Out of Two Highly Important Committees

A major shakeup is underway in Congress after Republican sources reported Rep. Santos stepped out of two highly important committees, including the Small Business and Science Committees, where he had previously been assigned to serve on behalf of his party.

This news comes following a conference meeting earlier today when the congressman made this surprise announcement himself.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was placed in a difficult position when it came to Rep. Santos and his place on House committees.

After multiple reports of fabrications regarding his work/education history and other untruths surfaced, an important decision had to be made as to how best to proceed forward with the ethics committee’s inquisition.

McCarthy has promised Santos can keep his place in the House of Representatives, with full access and rights on committees. Though if an investigation by the Ethics Committee reveals any wrongdoing, he will be dismissed from Congress promptly.

Last week, McCarthy suggested if any unethical laws have been broken by the current administration, then it must be removed from office.

The Santos saga has been simmering for weeks, but the scandal reached a boiling point following news that the public figure misrepresented key details of his past.

Rumors swirled over lies concerning his employment record, affiliation with possibly fraudulent activities, and family history, even down to fabricating part of an entire ethnicity.

Santos Accused of Preying on Disabled Veterans

In a recent case, Santos is accused of preying on disabled veterans by exploiting his 2016 animal charity with the alleged aim to pocket money they had raised for their dog’s cancer treatment.

Santos has been accused of using a GoFundMe page set up to pay for the treatment of beloved pet dog, Osthoff.

The funds were meant to go towards surgery and care, yet after consulting with an affiliated veterinarian, Santos allegedly declared it untreatable – diverting donations away from medical help and into his own charity foundations pockets instead!

Those who tried to intervene on behalf of the much-loved animal reported they’ve heard nothing back from him since.

Santos vehemently denies any involvement in a controversial scheme involving an alleged charity, telling Semafor, “This is fake. I have no idea who’s behind it.”

Amid mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle, Santos has defied convention and put his fate in the hands of voters.

In a controversial move, he stated if 142,000 constituents requested it, then he would resign – an unprecedented decision with serious implications for local politics ahead.