Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Causes the Death of 13

"Afghan children" by @USArmy

The senile old man running this country seems to have finally caught up with the times. He issued a statement “honoring” the 13 American service members that died during the Abbey Gate terrorist attack in Kabul.

What Biden failed to mention was his involvement in the attack. It probably wouldn’t have even happened, if not for his rushed and poorly executed Afghanistan pullout, orchestrated by him and his administration.

“Afghanistan” by Damien Surgeon

Biden “honors” the 13 American soldiers killed in Kabul

He opened the statement by claiming the US will mourn the 13 souls forever, as they died performing a noble mission for the sake of our great nation, which is a more-than-Republican speech coming from the likes of Biden.

The 11 Marines, one Army soldier, and one Navy corpsman lost their lives when ISIS-K organized a terrorist attack outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport. This left more than 20 other service members injured, whereas the Afghani civilian victims and injured were in the hundreds.

Even though his “honoring” of the 13 deceased Americans can be considered a kind gesture, the fact still remains they were stationed at the airport solely to evacuate Americans and allies stationed in the country following the Taliban takeover.

What’s more, Biden practically left the people of Afghanistan in the hands of a terrorist organization, after what was practically two decades of trying to free the country from the clutches of said group.

Is the al-Qaeda leader actually dead?

Even after he technically openly admitted to being at fault for the 13 lives that were lost that day, Biden quickly segued into boasting about the US military’s accomplishments ever since they abandoned Afghanistan, almost as if nothing happened.

He touted the doubling of the global anti-ISIS campaign, which also includes any other terrorist group that may put American nationals at risk; although one may argue the ISIS talk has died down somewhat in recent years.

Biden also claims the military managed to take out the current leader of Al-Qaeda last month.

Although aside from the attack happening in Afghanistan, which prompted backlash from the Taliban running the country, there’s no confirmation whether Ayman al-Zawahiri was successfully killed.

Biden’s quick to take claim to false accomplishments or ones he had no involvement with. Given the nature of the attack, the reports claiming that no civilians were harmed during the bombing just don’t sit right.

Let’s not forget Biden is a massive fan of paying foreigners in money for the damages they’ve received, often handing out miserable amounts to families who lost their loved ones in the failed bombings he’d ordered.

He finalized his statement by claiming the US is maintaining pressure on terrorists, while also keeping American troops out of harm’s way in Afghanistan, failing to mention the suffering currently endured by the Afghani people, caused directly by him.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.