Border Patrol Agent Assaulted by Border Smugglers

Border Patrol agents were assaulted by smugglers; this happened while these agents were attempting to arrest illegal immigrants trying to traverse the border in San Diego, California. 

According to the data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), there were five people caught in the operation last Wednesday. The people were caught carrying narcotics, ammunition, vehicles, and makeshift ladders; they are also believed to be the group accountable for the attack. 

Five smugglers were arrested and contraband was seized

It was last week when a Border Patrol agent was assaulted on duty; this occurred while he was attempting to arrest 12 to 15 illegal immigrants seen crossing the southern border in San Diego.

After the Border Patrol agent was seen by the group, they fled back to Mexico. However, as the agent tried to retrieve the ladder illegal immigrants used to cross over, a smuggler hit the agent with what is believed to be 2 x 4. The Border Patrol agent was then rushed to the hospital for facial lacerations and contusions. 

On the other hand, the Border Patrol agents were able to seize contraband carried by the smugglers; included therein was methamphetamine, fentanyl, rounds of ammunition and ladders. 

According to reports, the operation to apprehend the smugglers was coordinated by the Border Patrol agents with the Mexican government as they exchanged information about the smugglers.

Accordingly, the Mexican government issued a two search warrant. They were able to arrest four Mexicans and one American. In a statement released by the CBP, they noted this is the third assault against agents over the past month in that area alone. Shots were also fired at agents in San Diego and in Texas on separate occasions. 

There were 212,000 migrant apprehensions recorded in the month of July

On the other hand, Raul Ortiz, Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, praised the work of agents and their steadfast commitment to securing the border, despite the aggression against them. 

Ortiz said in a statement last month that his agency takes these types of threats seriously and considers them as acts of violence. He added that the agency will do everything it can in order to identify the people behind these attacks and bring them to justice. 

In the month of July alone, there were over 212,000 migrants apprehended. This number is part of the growing surge of migrant crossings that overwhelm government resources and Border Patrol agents.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, claimed a part of their effort to prevent this surge is going after smugglers and criminal organizations promoting the migrant crisis.

Then in April, Operation Sentinel was launched. This operation aims to identify associations and smugglers, as well as take action against them. Included in their effort is freezing of banking and financial assets, revocation of travel records, and suspension of trade entities.