Border Crisis Rages On – Biden Does Nothing

On FM 117 around Batesville, Texas, early on Thursday, a human smuggler was attempting to flee from law enforcement when his car struck a guard rail, seriously injuring three migrants.

The migrants were airlifted from the site to local hospitals.

The Humanity

A Uvalde District Sheriff’s deputy first came upon the car and called for support from nearby Zavala County. The car’s unnamed driver lost all control on the winding rural road, launching the occupants onto the street.

Ricardo Rios, the senior deputy sheriff for Zavala County, told Breitbart Texas the amount of human trafficking on roads going beyond the border is out of control.

“In order to ensure that we continue to pursue each of these cases,” he continued, “I am currently working with neighboring counties to coordinate jail space.”

Since 2019, Rios served as the Chief Deputy Sheriff. According to Rios, accidents, fatalities, and injuries, as well as loads of people being smuggled, are becoming commonplace.

Since October started, the region has seen six attempts to smuggle people on local roads. On Wednesday, the driver of a pickup vehicle carrying 13 migrants lost control and crashed near Batesville.

The open bed expelled migrants who needed life-saving care. A medical evacuation aircraft and paramedics were also sent to the area.

After the car wreck on Wednesday, the driver made an initial effort to elude police until a tire-deflating device put a stop to the chase. After a brief foot pursuit, the driver was captured and is now being accused of smuggling.

A female immigrant lost a limb in a cargo train accident in nearby Maverick County. Until they are stabilized, wounded migrants are not placed in custody, said a source within CBP. Following that, nationality and legal standing are confirmed.

As per Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the cost of providing unpaid medical care for wounded migrants in government hospitals is from $579 to $717 million.

Staggering Numbers

A record 2.2 million migrants were detained by Border Patrol after crossing the country’s entire southwest boundary in Fiscal Year 2022. The Del Rio Zone, which hosts the majority of migrant crossings countrywide, includes Zavala County.

Following a report about a suspected tractor-trailer in a residential neighborhood close to the border, Texas sheriff’s officers and Border Patrol agents arrived. 84 migrants were discovered by law enforcement personnel after being unloaded from the 18-wheeler.

On Thursday evening, Hidalgo Sheriff’s Office Eddie Guerra posted images of a possible safe house and farm equipment involved in people smuggling in Olivarez, Texas.

According to the sheriff, intelligence about an 18-wheeler unloading potential migrants in a residential neighborhood came to the attention of officers conducting border protection under Operation Stone Garden.

84 migrants who had been smuggled by human traffickers in the refrigerator trailer were found when Rio Grande River Sector Border Patrol officers and deputies reacted to the scene.

It seems none of the 84 migrants needed medical care.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.