BOMBSHELL REPORT: Biden FINANCED Escort Services of Hunter

The new records from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop suggest that President Biden unwittingly financed his son’s relations with Russian-based escorts.

According to the Washington Examiner report, Biden gave his son $100,000 from December 2018 to January 2019.

Hunter spent nearly $30,000 on prostitutes from November 2018 to March 2019.

Biden Financed His Son’s Relations with Escorts

The Washington Examiner tried to contact Hunter’s representatives for several days to get their comments on the story prior to publishing the report.

However, no one responded, so the news outlet eventually posted it. Though just after some minutes of the publishing, Hunter Biden emailed the media group, writing, “What’s wrong with you?”

According to the report, Biden’s son spent nearly $30,000 on different escorts, many of whom were part of a model agency, UberGFE, and registered with a Russian email address.

Out of all the money, the president sent $5,000 when his son was “actively engaged” with an escort. Likewise, Hunter asked his father for $20,000 to get into a New York rehabilitation center where he never checked in.

At one instance, Hunter told a girl named Eva at UberGFE that his bank accounts were frozen, as paying to Russian emails was “too much of a red flag” for banks. 

In January 2019, Eva told Hunter the total bill to hire an escort for 16 hours would be $9,500; she asked him to send the money through the wire.

Just an hour later, Hunter received almost $5,000 from his father through Cash App. Richard Ruffner, then-assistant of Joe Biden, told Hunter he donated the maximum amount under the weekly limit.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden also asked Hunter, later on, to confirm if he received the money or not.

As Hunter Biden portrayed he was broke during his conversation with Eva, she had to chase him for almost six weeks before directing him to wire funds to Eastern European bank accounts, instead of Russian ones.

Hunter Biden Obsessed With Adult Content

In addition to that, Hunter also searched for “DC Russian escorts” on his abandoned laptop and visited the website of UberGFE to find prostitutes in Boston.

Neither the White House nor Hunter’s attorneys responded to The Washington Examiner’s requests for comments on the story. 

According to the former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, everyone can “sympathize” with Joe Biden; he thought of helping his son out of trouble at a time when his son was inviting even more trouble.

However, the bombshell reports revealed there is no evidence that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s activities during all that time.

Previously, Hunter Biden has also been caught filming his own sex videos with different prostitutes and uploading them to his account on an adult website.

While Hunter was careful not to show his face, the laptop’s revelations brought shame to Biden’s White House, which distanced itself from the disgraceful events until now.