BLM Supports the Oppressive Cuban Communist Regime

The Black Lives Matter group is under fire after it posted a statement showing solidarity and support to the Cuban communist regime, despite citizens’ calls against oppression. 

BLM ignored calls for help, instead blamed the U.S. government for protests in Cuba

The BLM group recently released a statement showing their support for the Cuban communist regime. However, instead of standing up against oppression and fighting alongside the oppressed citizens in Cuba, they focused on blaming the United States for the protest, citing the U.S. embargo. 

The statement released by the group sparked criticism online, calling them hypocrites for supporting police brutality and violence in Cuba. 

Instead of citing the violence in Cuba, the BLM group called out the United States for the U.S. embargo policy, calling it cruel and inhumane.

BLM alleged that the embargo was meant to destabilize Cuba and threaten the rights of Cuban citizens to choose their government.

They also claimed, without evidence, that the citizens in Cuba are “punished” by the U.S. because of their fight for sovereignty and self-determination. 

The radical left group praised the communist regime

What is shocking is how the radical left group praised the communist regime in Cuba. The BLM group also applauded the communist regime of President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Meanwhile, Cubans are risking their lives to oust him. 

The statement posted by the group in their official Twitter account sparked immediate criticism from various social media users. 

Canadian human rights lawyer Hillel Neuer posted a tweet saying that the group has sided with the oppressors in Cuba.

Radio host Dan O’Donnell also posted a question asking whether BLM now supports police brutality. 

Meanwhile, another follower wrote a tweet, calling it odd for BLM not to say a word criticizing police abuse in Cuba, even though the group was established to fight against police brutality.

Republicans are calling out the hypocrisy of BLM

On the other hand, some lawmakers are calling out the hypocrisy of the radical left group. 

Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed his outrage in a tweet, saying that BLM had a day off from shaking off millions from companies and buying mansions to make a statement supporting the communist regime. 

Although the Democrats were mainly silent about the ongoing oppression in Cuba, Republican lawmakers are vocal about their support for the protesters fighting for freedom and seeking to end the oppressive government. 

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, son of an immigrant from Cuba, insisted that the Cuban regime be sent to the “dustbin of history.”

Cruz also tweeted on Sunday that the Cuban government has brutalized and denied freedom from generations of Cuban. He added that this regime forced his family and many others to flee from the oppressive government. 

The Republican senator of Cuban descent also added that the American people stand in solidarity with the men and women of Cuba in their fight for freedom.