BLM’s Massive Financial Misdealing Busted

As per the latest tax filings, the Black Lives Matter co-founder paid a hefty sum for various services to her brother and child’s father.

BLM’s Massive Financial Irregularities Disclosed in Tax Filings

Paul Cullors, the brother of the cofounder of BLM, received more than $840,000 for his so-called “professional security services” for the organization.

Similarly, the far-left organization also paid $970,000 to a company owned by Damon Turner for producing “live events” and other “creative services.” The founder shares a child with Turner.

In the aftermath of the George Floyd incidents, BLM attracted big donors. Thus, it had almost $42 million of net assets present in its account at the closure of the fiscal year, which ended in June 2021.

At the start of the fiscal year, the foundation had only $4 million. Besides this, one of the major fiscal sponsors of the charity, Tides Foundation, held over $26 million for the “Black Lives Support Fund” at the end of last year.

The beneficiaries of the funding also include the sister of the BLM operations director, named Raymond Howard. Her LLC received $107,000 for the “fundraising” efforts for the charity.

Cullors had exclusive authority to decide how BLM used its fund from July 2020 to June 2021; she was the only member of the charity’s board of directors during this tenure.

Tom Anderson, the director of the Government Integrity Project, stated people who donated their rent money to the far left organization never wanted it to go into the pockets of the family members of BLM.

The former director of BLM, Kailee Scales, also got $139,625 from the charity, even though she did not do any work during the time frame.

Cullors herself billed $73,523 to the organization for her chartered flights, which she reimbursed later on, as per the fillings.

Mentioned in the filing was the luxury mansion worth $5,923,811 as well. The organization purchased this with the donor money during October 2020 in Los Angeles.

BLM Poured Americans Money Outside the Country

A significant amount of BLM donors’ money was also spent outside America.

In North America alone, BLM spent $8,024,626 on an organization for grants. Included in this money is a $6 million grant to BLM Canada for purchasing another luxury mansion in Toronto in July 2021.

BLM stakeholders are still denying any irregularity.

One of the members of the BLM board of directors, Bowers, indicated there was “no conflict of interest” in the payments to Cullors family members.

In parallel, BLM is intensifying its efforts to denounce news regarding its financial misdealings.

On Tuesday, the organization launched a “BLM Transparency Center” on its website, which will supposedly fight “right-wing” “misinformation” regarding BLM finances. 

The organization claimed the right-wing wants to “sow distrust” between the organization and its donors.

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