Blackburn Saw Firsthand the Situation at the Border, “This Cannot Continue”

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn called out the Biden administration, urging it to take action on the conditions at the border after seeing the situation firsthand on Friday.

During a night tour at the southern border, Blackburn was asked about her takeaways based on what she had seen. To this, Blackburn answered what is going on cannot continue. 

Blackburn: The security and sovereignty of the United States is on the line

Blackburn also emphasized she realizes how people have to find a way to secure the border, highlighting the security and sovereignty of the country depend on getting issues at the border resolved. 

The Republican lawmaker from Tennessee likewise added the crisis at the U.S. border is one of the main issues for her constituents; this particularly involves sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other consequences the border crisis brings to non-border states. 

Blackburn added that because the president will not secure the U.S. border, every town and every state is becoming a “border state.” She added the people of Tennesse are highly concerned about the effects that crisis brings. Then, gunshots from the Mexican side of the border rang behind her. 

Earlier that same day, the Republican senator received a briefing from the officials of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The officials declared there is a 1,000% increase in the number of vehicles filled with illegal immigrants, compared to the same period last year.

On top of this, the officials likewise added there is also a notable haul of illegal drugs that come across the border. DPS officials stated Border Patrol has seized 1.1 million illegal immigrants in Texas alone. 

Blackburn also visited a riverine in Southern Texas and looked at the unfinished parts of the wall. She met with Texas sheriffs and ranchers who were greatly affected by the overwhelming surge of border crossings.

Ranchers at the border showed Blackburn their fences that have been destroyed by illegal immigrants. Then, they listed in detail the huge costs they have to shoulder to repair them, together with the cost of losing crops and rounding their cattle back up. 

Ranchers: “Where the hell” is the vice president?

Blackburn then highlighted how these problems are something the ranchers have to deal with on a daily basis and they have done nothing wrong. It only so happens the farms and ranches they have are located close to the border. 

The Biden administration is putting the blame on the Trump administration (as well as the so-called “root causes” for the surge of illegal immigrants); however, ranchers believe otherwise.

Ranchers are pinning the blame on the Biden administration. They question why they have not even heard anything from top border officials, such as Vice President Kamala Harris, who was supposed to be heading the crisis.