Blackburn is Pushing for a Bill to Protect Medical Freedom

On Tuesday, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn rolled out a bill that would protect essential workers from being dismissed from work, due to the stringent COVID vaccine mandates.

The bill intends to exempt workers from the executive orders implemented by the president. This comes amid the rising number of resignations and layoffs from workers in different sectors all over the country because of their hesitancy to have the vaccine.

Blackburn, other GOP lawmakers authored a bill to address the stringent COVID vaccine measures

The bill pushed for by Blackburn is co-sponsored by Senator Bill Haggerty of Tennessee, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

In an interview with Fox News, Blackburn noted essential workers are real heroes. She added for more than 18 months, they showed up to protect and serve communities.

Blackburn also highlighted the depleting supply of workers in the country, stating businesses are in desperate need of workers, amid the crisis in the supply chain.

At present, there are over 10.4 million jobs open all over the country. Yet now, the president wants to fire workers who do not want to comply with the vaccine mandate.

Blackburn noted getting vaccinated should be a choice; this should be a choice made between a doctor and their patient. The bill intends to give exemptions to essential workers from complying with the stringent COVID requirements pushed by the government, federal contractors, or private and public entities.

The bill comes after an executive order was signed by Biden over the summer, forcing all employees in the executive branch to get the COVID vaccine shot.

The president likewise signed an order compelling businesses with over 100 employees to comply with the stringent COVID vaccine mandate.

On top of this, the president signed an executive order on September 9, ordering federal contractors to follow the COVID vaccine mandate and make sure all of their workers are vaccinated by December 8.

COVID vaccine mandate by the Biden administration is more “government overreach”

On the other hand, Senator Bill Hagerty described Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate as another example of “government overreach” from the Biden administration.

Hagerty stated instead of threatening people’s jobs, the administration should be protecting essential workers who courageously served the country, despite the high health risks and hardships during the pandemic.

Senator Cynthia Lummis also noted the Biden administration should be “celebrating” the heroism these workers display, not punishing them for their act of exercising health freedoms.

On the other hand, Todd Spencer, the CEO and president of Owner-Operated Independent Drivers Association, thanked Senator Blackburn for endorsing the bill.

Spencer noted the bill will make sure vaccination remains a personal choice. He also gave a warning the vaccine mandate could possibly lead to more layoffs and crises in the supply chain, which could make matters worse in the country.