Bill Maher Trashes Biden’s Statements About “MAGA Republicans”

Joe Biden’s comments about MAGA Republicans aren’t being very well-received by the nation. Amid backlash, the president’s attempted to rebrand by now calling out what he says are dangerous “MAGA proposals.”

This isn’t working out so well because Biden’s whole schtick in 2020 was about being a unifying president. He hasn’t seen this promise through and furthermore, Biden isn’t going to.

Biden’s comments about Trump supporters merely opened the door to him being labeled as a hypocrite who just isn’t capable of leading the United States.

Now, talk show host Bill Maher is sharing his thoughts on Biden’s infamous “MAGA Republicans” remarks, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Maher on Biden’s Infamous Address

Maher claimed the current president came into the White House, saying he’d make amends with the GOP. Then, he pointed out that breaking bread with “election deniers” isn’t possible.

Later, the talk show host went on to say that Biden’s attempt to redefine what constitutes “MAGA Republicans” after his speech was a flop because many people struggle with understanding nuance.

Maher also went on to say Biden needs to acknowledge “fringe” personalities on the left, just as much as he does with those on the right. The talk show host then specifically stated Biden should call out various issues on which the left has crossed some lines.

Fueling Division in the United States

Polling after Biden’s widely panned remarks shows the majority of Americans do not agree with the White House’s claims that Biden gave a unifying speech.

Instead, a plurality of people agree the president’s remarks were meant to trigger conflict. Whether Biden now uses the moniker of “MAGA Republicans” or “MAGA proposals” is therefore irrelevant.

The message is still the same. At the end of the day, Biden’s chosen to step away from even the illusion of wanting to bring unity to the United States. This isn’t something he can come back from after his delivery to the entire country.

Republicans, in particular, view the speech as Biden’s last-ditch effort to spare his party from losing to the GOP in the midterms. The president has previously gone on record talking about how heartbroken he’d be if his party were to lose the midterm races.

Naturally, this would create a scenario where the White House can’t just count on party votes to ram various bills through the House and the Senate.

If Republicans take back even one of these chambers, Democrats will need to actually work with the other side, rather than freezing them out and passing legislation solely with one party’s approval.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.